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A beautiful good morning! Ennio Morricone is dead. What hardly anyone knows: The brilliant Roman also composed the official song of the Football World Cup 1978 in Argentina of the military dictatorship, to which legends like Manni Burgsmüller, Paul Breitner and Johan Cruyff would rather not go. Breitner aka “Ajatollah Paule” (Udo Lindenberg) preferred to hang around on his laurels a bit. To be honest, he had just ended a season with Eintracht Braunschweig after his return from Real Madrid, which many in Albrecht-Land should remember as a misunderstanding to this day. Maybe it was just a Jägi too much to blame.

I am deeply connected to »Paulito« because, in a game against HSV, he struck a ball from a distance of two meters over our goal, which was then shielded by Rudi Kargus, Vice-European Champion in 1976 and now an anti-capitalist painter. In the north curve of the Ha …


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