Respect Trump’s 74 Million Voters, They Are Not ‘Pitiful’

Donald Trump is over, but his fate is no longer a priority, observes this conservative columnist of the Wall Street Journal. If Biden is to heal America, he’s going to have to appease his opponent’s supporters, who feel their candidate’s contempt and hatred is aimed at them too.

If Donald Trump had envisioned a political future, it is well and truly over. He was instrumental in mortgaging it himself during the Georgia senatorial campaign, putting his little person in front of the interests of a Republican majority in the Senate. What finished blocking any prospect for him was the crowd of his supporters who, on Wednesday [6 janvier], have invaded the Capitol, and in so doing, harmed their favorite more than any of his enemies had ever succeeded.

Washington is lost in speculation about the level of humiliation that will be inflicted on the outgoing president. After launch [et le vote] of a second impeachment procedure against him, there is even mention of a trial before the Senate after the end of his mandate.

But for those who are committed to unity and healing, the fate of Donald Trump is no longer a priority. There is more serious: what will happen to that half of America that supported him. Many are tempted to lump together the 74 million Americans who voted for Trump and those behind the attack on Capitol Hill, and now consider them all unfit for civic life.

Thugs and ordinary Americans

There were thugs there, that’s undeniable. But let me tell you a little bit about these protesters that I know personally. All are, without exception, ordinary Americans and honest individuals, who did not participate in the invasion of Capitol Hill and never would dare to disobey a police officer.

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Some of them, but not all, feel that the election was stolen. They’re wrong, but that doesn’t make them white supremacists, inside terrorists, religious extremists – they don’t deserve any of the bird names that have been thrown out for a week. Those who I know personally are now terrified of being


William McGurn

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