Respiratory viruses prefer vapers to smokers …

In France we know: The Covid-19 (coronavirus) prefers small shops and nightfall to large shopping centers and the sun. Well, it’s no surprise that we learn that an American study has just concluded that respiratory viruses prefer vapers to smokers.


Researchers from l’UNC-Chapel Hill (United States) found that e-cigarette consumers are more susceptible to respiratory viruses than the rest of the population, including traditional cigarette smokers. They also exhibit suppressed antibodies, suggesting that the vaccines will be less effective. The results of this study were presented on October 23 in the medical journal American Journal of Respiratory Cell and Molecular Biology.

Using an e-cigarette could modify our body’s response to respiratory viruses, such as the flu or Covid-19. “ There have been a lot of questions on the ground as to whether the use of e-cigarettes and cigarettes is beneficial or harmful or problematic in terms of Covid, and we really haven’t had a good answer. ”, Continues Meghan Rebuli, assistant professor in the Department of Pediatrics at UNC and author of the study.

By comparing vapers, traditional smokers and non-smokers, the researchers found that the immune change was even more pronounced in e-cigarette users than in smokers. “ The use of electronic cigarettes is neither safer nor safer than cigarettes, and this is a very important message to remember, supports Meghan Rebuli. You probably shouldn’t inhale any type of tobacco related product as it alters your immune response to viruses.. ”.

The study focused on the immune response to a certain influenza pattern but “ results suggest e-cigarette users are likely more susceptible to respiratory viruses like Covid-19 than non-smokers ”, Adds the researcher.

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