restaurants and museums reopen in Italy

Despite the epidemic, Italy has decided to reopen restaurants and museums in regions where Covid-19 circulates the least. “It still concerns three quarters of the country. All major cities like Milan, Venice and Rome. The Sistine Chapel will open for example from tomorrow [lundi 1er février] from 8:30 a.m. on reservation. We do not expect a very large attendance. About 10% of the usual tonnage. In Florence, the Uffizi Gallery has been open for ten days and it is this attendance rate that we observe “, reports the journalist Alban Mikoczy live from Rome for the 13 Hours of France 2, Sunday January 31.

Cultural establishments, but also restaurateurs, will be able to open from Monday February 1 until 6 p.m. “This will allow Italians to have coffee or have lunch in the restaurant, whether inside the rooms or on the terrace. It is a government measure much appreciated by Italians“, concludes the journalist.

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