Restaurants ask delivery for less commissions

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He model of distribution of the platforms sum new detractors. First it was the delivery people claiming their status as salaried employees and now it is the restaurants that are beginning to show their discomfort for the “commissions
abusive”That they charge for the delivery of food at home.

“Companies like Glovo, Deliveroo, Just Eat or Uber Eats get to stay between 25 and 35% of the final price of each order. In some cases, the commission can go up to 40%. They are too high rates for restaurants. The distribution does not come to our account ”, regrets Sergio de Eusebio, partner of the Madrid chain Beer and Food, owner of franchises such as Tommy Mel’s, Carl’s Jr or La Chelinda. Together with a group of small and medium-sized chains from all over Spain, they have formed a commission to end the situation. At the moment, there are 18 companies that group about 600 restaurants in total. Its objective is to establish a negotiating table with the four large platforms that operate in Spain.

Glovo, Deliveroo, Uber Eats or Just Eat can “charge up to 40% for the deal”

“Our proposal is to lower commissions and develop a code of good practice that rethinks the model. The platforms also do not generate benefits with the current system. We believe that costs have to be better shared. Apps must take part, but customers must too. Home delivery cannot be practically free. We have spoiled the consumer ”, says Sergi Zacariadis, founder of the Barcelona chain Freshperts, owner of brands such as Sushifresh, Rain Bowls or Taco Taco.

The sector considers it necessary to rethink the system at the moment because the pandemic has more than increased the number of home orders. “Before Covid-19, the delivery it represented 10% of the business, now it reaches 50% ”, says the owner of Beer and Food. In the medium term, when the period of exceptionality ends, it considers that the percentage will go down but that it will be higher than the situation prior to the pandemic.

Now we cannot tolerate these rates, we are drowning ”

“We used to hold it that way before because home delivery wasn’t a significant part of the business. We cannot tolerate these rates now. We drowned ”, he regrets.

The initiative was born just a few days ago among different members of the Association of Restoration Marks, but the commission has been constituted completely independently from the employers because there is no consensus among its members. “We seek to add the maximum number of companies, but we are encountering the refusal of large fast food chains, such as McDonald’s, Burger King or KFC.” According to Eusebio, the large multinationals do not share the claim because they operate with lower commissions. “Since they generate many orders, they have more power to negotiate the lower rates. So they are not interested in changing the model ”.

Sources from different platforms assured this newspaper yesterday that they are in constant contact with all the restaurants and that they try to attend to their needs. In the case of Glovo, for example, they claim to have reduced the average commission by 20% during the pandemic period.

At the moment, the pressure group is not considering going any further and demanding a legal limit from the regulator, as has already happened in different cities in the United States where the delivery it is much more widespread. For example, in the case of New York, the City Council has just set a maximum commission of 15%.


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