Restaurants closed: Lyon chefs play extra time in a caravan

They did not expect such success. Every end of the afternoon, it is the parade in front of the beautiful American metal caravan installed on Place Lyautey, in Lyon. Local residents, residents of other neighborhoods, and even from outside, come to collect the dishes they have ordered.

Tuesday evening, chef Frédéric Berthod prepared his famous foie gras pie, a wild mushroom velouté, a Bresse poultry consomme with shrimps, a confit-roasted veal chuck and delicious desserts … so many signature dishes du 33 Cité, its closed restaurant.

Like several other Lyon chefs, he responded to the call for the Caravane des chefs operation, imagined and launched on January 5 by Eugénie Guillermin, head of the Paul Bocuse Institute. “We thought we had a hundred customers every evening, we finally have 200! »She rejoices, not hiding her surprise.

The installation could play overtime

“It’s an infinite pleasure to be here,” says Frédéric Berthod. The pleasure of meeting customers, friends, colleagues… ”. “There is a real outpouring of solidarity from customers, who order to please themselves and to support us,” observes Christophe Girardet, owner of the Victor et Cie bakeries, who offers bread every evening.

Faced with the public’s enthusiasm for these dishes and for lack of a date for reopening the restaurants, the caravan decided to play extra time and to ask the town hall for an authorization until… March 31.

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