Restaurateurs ile-de-france should be able to re-open their rooms Monday, June 15,

The rumor is rustling in all the pubs and restaurants of the Ile-de-France : the interior rooms could (finally) reopen their doors on Monday 15 June, so that only the terraces had been permitted to deploy since June 2, last in the region, classified as “orange”. Restaurateurs ile-de-france are waiting now on a firm footing a sign of the executive, by Sunday, to reopen next Monday. The challenge for a sector that is entirely private activity during the confinement, and who has experienced changeable weather since the reopening.

The conservators are preparing

We expect an announcement for a re-opening as of Monday, it confirms to the Figaro, Alain Fontaine, the president of the association française des maîtres restaurateurs (AFMR). The noise would be in already for all restaurateurs in the Île-de-France since a few days. And all of them were already in the process of preparing for it.”

“We expect very clearly that the Ile-de-France and Paris may re-open (their rooms) as early as Monday“to support, for its part, Roland Héguy, the president of the Union des Métiers et des Industries de l’hotellerie (UMIH), on FigaroLive this Friday morning.

The re-opening of the restaurants is a big challenge for the whole sector. “At this time, the morale of the troops navigates between anger, depression, and emotion, explains Alain Fontaine. Some are beginning to say that it was better not to make us reopen at all. What is complicated is that we don’t have a horizon, notably because of teleworking, which deprives us of employees, but also the closure of hotels and, therefore, the absence of tourists. Finally the weather, which is a very important variable, is not favorable.”

Rooms half-filled

Alain Fontaine is even more worried that even reopened the halls “will only be half full because of the health protocol“. Finally, regarding the personnel, “we do not know what to do!“continues the president of the AFMR. “We are suddenly the spell of partial unemployment, a move they are back into it. But our employees are not puppets!”

Monday, 8 June, only one-third of the restaurants of the Ile-de-France had reopened. Many catering groups, these “machines of war phenomenal who need world“still have not returned to the service according to Alain Fontaine. In the final after Roland Héguy, “15% to 10% of the restaurants in the country could close permanently“because of the epidemic. Decidedly, “it is vital that the restaurants could reopen normally”as the pounds on the president of the AFMR.

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