Result Peru defeated Colombia 3-1 on date 3 of the 2021 South American Women’s Volleyball Championship

Peru vs. Colombia LIVE face TODAY for the second day of the South American Women’s Volleyball Championship 2021 from the Luis Francisco Castellanos Youth Coliseum (Barrancabermeja). The game starts at 8:00 pm (Peruvian and Colombian time) and you can follow it on TV through the signals of DirecTV Sports and Win Sports. If you want to follow the ONLINE coverage of the commitment, go to the La República Deportes website, where you will find the point-by-point account of the duel, with the updated scoreboard and the summary with the final result of each set at the end of the game.

Live: Peru vs. Colombia

Peru won it 25-20 and keeps the game

Peru prevails at home to Colombia 3-1 in sets. Those led by Hervás will be measured against Argentina on the third date and will close their participation against Chile.

The Colombian serve is long

The Peruvians feel the pressure of the advantage and Colombia scores three points in a row to go 23-19.

Colombia is wrong in the end and the game goes 23-16

Lobatón again, this time with the help of the network.

Advantage of six points for the Peruvians. Raziola asks for time and asks for precision in the blocks to come back.

Reduces the Colombia advantage

After a string of points from Lobatón, Regalado makes a mistake and puts the 15-11

The coach of Colombia asks his players for more attitudes and motivates them with the presence of the public in the stands.

The bicolor 10-8 is put forward

The Colombian mate is lost outside and Peru once again has the advantage.

Peru 8-6 Colombia in the fourth set

Those directed by Rizola are approaching

Peru 2-1 Colombia in sets

Impressive about Brenda Lobatón

With 1.70 he managed to rise in a great way in several points.

The third set is white and red

Hervás’ team wins it 25-21 and goes 2-1 in sets

Visitor time

Colombia gets dangerously close and gets 24-21

Peru has 5 chances to close the set

Brenda Lobatón becomes the figure of the third set

His mate gives Peru 24-18.

Close to Peru, they win it 22-17

Colombia is not resigned and goes to 5

Rizola makes two changes to reverse the score.

Colombia is approaching again

The coffee makers are set 16-13. Giuliana Toro got two points with her serve.

Peru takes a three-point lead

After a long point, the selection goes 13-10

The locals take advantage of Peru’s mistakes and turn the score around

Regalado is wrong in defense

Colombia reduces the advantage and loses 4-6

Good start from Peru 5-1

The visitors are very effective at the start of the third set

Colombia wins the set 25-19

The locals equal the aggregate score 1-1 against Peru.

Impressive mate from Segovia porne on 24-18

21-16 in favor of Colombia

The Peruvian technician no longer has time to request.

Controversial decision of the judge

Maguilaura Frías’s mate hits the rival’s field but the referee concedes a point to Colombia. 13-18 in favor of the locals. Let us remember that for the South American the review of plays was not implemented.

The locals take advantage

Peru 12-15 Colombia. In an even set, Peru lost focus and could not face the offensive of the coffee table.

Both squads take care of the serve and the game goes 8-8

Sixth point for Clarivet

Volleyball made it 4-3 in the second set

Peru beat Colombia 1-0 in sets

Peru go 1-0 in sets

The national team let slip a 5-point lead.

Colombia reduced the lead to 21-18 and the Peruvian bank requested time.

The Peruvian waited for her and hit towards the rival field.

The Brazilian coach wants to reduce the advantage to 20-15

Peru scores 4 difference

Peru scores a difference of three

Illescas serves and with the help of the net achieves 17-14. Colombia asks for time.

Point fought in favor of Colombia

The Peruvian’s mate hit the antenna and the match is equalized 13-13

De la Peña’s ball did not pass to the rival field and the game goes 11-11

The ball seemed to go out but the referee gave Colombia 10-9.

Complicate with the service and achieve 9-9

Clarivet Illescas gets the 5-4

Even duel: Peru 4-4 Colombia

So far no advantages are taken and they keep the serve.

Peru faces Colombia for the second date of the South American Women’s Volleyball Championship 2021.

National anthems of both countries are sung

The players from Peru and Colombia sang the anthems of their respective countries and finished their warm-up. This match begins shortly on date 2 of the South American.

Peru faces a direct rival

Peru and Colombia are direct rivals in this South American Volleyball Championship. Whoever wins this match will be one step closer to fighting for one of the two places in the 2022 World Cup in Russia.

The national team could not in its debut and fell 3-0 against the favorite Brazil (partials of 25-17, 25-23 and 25-18), which has just participated in Tokyo 2020. Although they did not have the expected result , those directed by Francisco Hervás made a worthy presentation and still dream of getting a ticket to the World Cup in the Netherlands-Poland 2022.

On the other hand, his rival tonight is motivated, because he beat Chile by the same score (partials of 25-20, 25-13 and 25-12). The coffee makers have shown a great level and hope to add their second consecutive victory against the nationals.

The meeting between Peru vs. Colombia for the South American Women’s Volleyball Championship 2021 will have DIRECT BROADCAST from DirecTV Sports for all of South America and DirecTV GO via ONLINE STREAMING.

So you don’t miss the game Peru vs. Colombia online, tune into the DirecTV GO signal, DirecTV’s streaming service that makes all the programming of this sports channel available to you. In case you do not have access to it, you can follow the ONLINE coverage of La República Deportes.

The Luís Francisco Castellanos Coliseum is a sports complex, located in the Colombian city of Barrancabermeja, owned by the Colombian Federation of Indoor Soccer (Fecolfutsalón) and the Barrancabermeja Institute of Sports and Recreation.


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