Results, recourse, transition … Where are we a week after the announcement of Biden’s victory?

Victory for Biden in Arizona

Expected for a week, the electoral results of Arizona, fell Thursday, November 12 in the evening in favor of Joe Biden. This is the first Democratic victory in that state since 1996.

With more than 11,000 votes in advance, Joe Biden wins this Southwestern state and the eleven major voters associated with him. Thus, he can now count on 290 elected officials, 20 more than the 270 needed to win the ticket for the White House. The counting of the votes continues in North Carolina, where the results remain uncertain for the moment.

In Georgia, the 159 counties are responsible, from Friday, November 13 in the morning, to manually check the validity of each vote. “This will be the largest audited record in US history”, Gabriel Sterling, senior deputy in the secretary of state’s office, said at a press conference the day before. However if the new result remains very tight, with a difference of less than 0.5 point, outgoing President Donald Trump, who still refuses to recognize his opponent’s victory, can request a new official count, as he did for Pennsylvania, where votes had to be overturned because mail-order identifiers were incomplete.

Legal remedies

After Donald Trump claimed on Twitter that a voting system called Dominion had “erased»2.7 million votes in favor across the country and had reallocated hundreds of thousands to his Democratic rival Joe Biden in Pennsylvania and other states, several US electoral authorities have denied any form of fraud.

“The November 3 election was the safest in the history of the United States […] There is no evidence of a voting system having erased, lost or changed ballots, or been hacked in any way.», Affirmed these local and national authorities in charge of the security of the ballot, including in particular the cybersecurity and infrastructure security agency (CISA), which depends on the Ministry of Internal Security. “While we are aware that our electoral process is the subject of many baseless claims and disinformation campaigns, we can assure you that we have absolute confidence in the security and integrity of our elections.», They added in a joint press release.

All legal remedies must be studied by the courts by December 8, the date defined by the Constitution. The boss of the government agency CISA, Chris Krebs, has defended the validity of the results and called on Americans to have confidence in their electoral system.

According to American media, Chris Krebs could lose his post because of these statements. Not a first for the Trump administration, which has been accumulating dismissals and new appointments for a few days.

Appointments and highlights

Sixty-nine days before the end of his term, Donald Trump replaced his Minister of Defense, Mark Esper, with a former special forces lieutenant, Christopher Miller, who had just taken over as head of the national counterterrorism center there. just three months old.

The outgoing president has decided to surround himself with a bodyguard he can count on by January 20, when Joe Biden will officially become the 46th President of the United States. Anthony Tata, a Fox News commentator best known for his Islamophobic tweets, who called Barack Obama “terrorist leaderBefore retracting, replaced James Anderson, number 3 of the Pentagon after his resignation last Tuesday. The next day, a former Army colonel, Douglas Macgregor, was appointed senior adviser to the Minister of Defense.

A set of musical chairs which suggests a desire of the Republican billionaire to accelerate the withdrawal of troops in Afghanistan. Indeed, on October 7, he said he wanted to reduce the number of troops in Afghanistan to 2,500 in early 2021 and even mentioned a total withdrawal for Christmas.

Four days later, libertarian Senator Rand Paul rejoiced “that Donald Trump asked his friend Colonel Doug Macgregor to help end the war in Afghanistan quickly». «The idea of ​​this choice and the others is to have the right people to finally help stop our endless wars.».

The French Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jean-Yves Le Drian, on Friday 13 November opposed a possible withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan: “Ce that should not be done, in our opinion. What we shouldn’t do in Iraq either, we’ll tell ourselves (with Mike Pompeo, Editor’s note) ”.

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