[RESUMEN] Boca Juniors beat Santos FC 2-0 in La Bombonera for Group C of the Libertadores

Boca Juniors beat the Brazilian Santos 2-0 on Tuesday in the second day of Group C of the Liberators cup with a goal from his emblem Carlos Tevez, 37, and another from Colombian offensive midfielder Sebastián Villa.

‘El Apache’ scored in the 47th minute and Villa did so in the 69th minute, after being assisted by Tevez.

With this result, Xeneize leads Group C with six points and Santos remains without units. Ecuadorian Barcelona, ​​which has three points, and the Bolivian The Strongest, who lost in their debut against Boca Juniors, will close the second day on Thursday.

In the opening minutes, Santos pressed high and tried to prevent opposing defenders from connecting with the midfielders.

Boca, on the other hand, let Santos advance with the intention of stealing the ball in his own substitution and leaving quickly on the wings with Villa and Cristian Pavón.

The first half did not have great emotions and both teams seemed more concerned with controlling the rivals than with generating dangerous plays.

Pavón was the only one who managed to disturb the visitors during the first half thanks to his dribbling at speed.

The goals of Boca Juniors

With the second half barely beginning, Tevez made it 1-0 by finishing first after a corner kick from the left of the attack.

Santos stopped several meters later in search of equality and Boca Juniors took advantage of the spaces to hit counterattack.

Midfielder Alan Varela recovered the ball, Tevez commanded the offense and assisted Villa, who scored the 2-0 with a precise shot at the goalkeeper’s far post.

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Santos, already resigned, spent the last minutes wishing for the end of the match.

This was the Brazilian team’s first game after the resignation of Argentine coach Ariel Holan, who resigned on Monday. Marcelo Fernandes was on the bench as interim coach. (EFE)

Boca Juniors vs. Santos FC: confirmed lineups

Boca Juniors: Agustín Rossi; Gonzalo Sandez, Carlos Izquierdoz, Lisandro López, Nicolás Capaldo; Cristian Pavón, Agustín Almedra, Alan Varela, Cristian Medina; Carlos Tevez, Sebastián Villa.

Santos FC: Joao Paulo; Pará, Kaiky, Luan Peres, FElipe Jonatan, Vinicius, Alison; Marinho, Gabriel Pirani, Lucas Braga, Marcos Leonardo.

Boca Juniors vs. Santos FC: minute by minute


The Argentine painting Boca Juniors receives this Tuesday for the second day of the group stage of the Liberators cup the Brazilian Santos, who is going through a sporting crisis after the resignation of his coach, Ariel Holan, who could lead his last match for the “peixe” tomorrow.

The Brazilian team announced today through its Twitter account the resignation of Holan, who in his last three games on the black and white bench had three consecutive defeats, two for the local tournament and another in the first game of the group stage of the Libertadores against Barcelona in Guayaquil.

President Andrés Rueda announced Ariel Holan’s decision in an interview. The owner of ‘Peixe’ confirmed that the DT wanted to sit on the bench for the last time in the crash of the Bombonera.

“He asked us that tomorrow’s game against Boca be his last game at the helm of our team. He asked it. What did he ponder? That the result of his work was not appearing,” he said.

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For its part, the “xeneize” team is in a positive dynamic after winning their last three games, two for the League Cup and one for Libertadores.

Russo was upset after the last game because of the heavy schedule, although he stated that “the Libertadores is above any local league.”

“I know that we are in a pandemic and it costs everything. The footballers need rest and the technical bodies time. The trips are now more complex, the hours increase with the swabs and everything that involves living with the covid. The footballers are human, it is a very high stress. It is completely different from how it was before the pandemic, these are things to evaluate and keep in mind, “he said.

Boca and Santos share Group C of the Copa Libertadores with Barcelona de Guayaquil and the Bolivian The Strongest.

When and what time does Boca Juniors play vs. Saints?

Boca Juniors vs. Santos will meet in a vibrant duel on Tuesday, April 27. The contest between both squads is agreed at 7:30 pm (Peruvian time) and will take place at the La Bombonera stadium. In Argentine territory it starts at 9:30 pm

Where and how to watch Boca Juniors vs. Saints?

The game LIVE will be broadcast on ESPN. The minute by minute you will have it in RPP.pe

Boca Juniors vs Santos: schedules in the world

7:30 pm Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico

8:30 p.m. Chile, Bolivia, Venezuela, Paraguay

9:30 pm Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay

2:30 am (04/28) Spain, Italy, France

Boca Juniors vs. Santos: probable lineups:

Boca Juniors: Agustín Rossi; Julio Buffarini, Lisandro López, Carlos Izquierdoz, Frank Fabra; Cristian Medina, Alan Varela, Agustín Almendra, Sebastián Villa; Franco Soldano and Carlos Tevez.
DT: Miguel Ángel Russo.

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Santos: Paul; Madson, Peres, Fernandes, Jonatan; Balieiro, Alison; Marinho, Pirani, Braga and Leonardo. DT: Ariel Holan.


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