Economy Retailers can also turn to the cabinet for extra...

Retailers can also turn to the cabinet for extra financial support NOW


Retailers who get into financial difficulties as a result of the coronavirus outbreak can make use of the Emergency Counter set up by the cabinet. Minister Eric Wiebes and State Secretary Mona Keijzer of economic affairs announced this on Saturday.

Horeca entrepreneurs and companies in the entertainment industry that are directly affected by the financial consequences of the corona virus, can call Friday at a digital emergency counter for a one-off amount of 4,000 euros. Wiebes and Keijser add extra groups of entrepreneurs, especially retailers in the non-food sector. Examples include clothing stores.

From next Monday, these entrepreneurs can also use the Entrepreneur Affected Sectors Allowance Covid-19 (TOGS) scheme, also known as the Emergency Desk. The TOGS is specifically intended for companies that are directly affected by government measures to combat the corona virus.

“These are exceptional times that have major consequences for entrepreneurs,” Wiebes and Keijser said in a statement. “That is why the government immediately announced when it announced the Emergency package for jobs and the economy that this package never stands still. Entrepreneurs in the non-food sector may remain open, but they see a sharp drop in their income due to the need for social distancing. Because they we will be widening the arrangement. “

The list of branches and sectors will be updated on Monday.

Follow the latest developments around the virus in our live blog.

The coronavirus in short

  • The coronavirus mainly spreads from person to person via sneezing and cough drops. The chance of becoming infected through surfaces such as door handles is small. This chance decreases if you wash your hands often.
  • You can considerably reduce the chance of spreading by keeping at least 1.5 meters away from others.
  • An infected person infects two to three others on average. Precautions are necessary to contain this.
  • The vast majority of patients have mild (flu-like) complaints.
  • Almost all deaths involve the elderly or other vulnerable persons, such as heart, lung or diabetes patients. If everyone complies with the measures, this reduces their risks.
  • Read here what precautions you should take.



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