Retirees abroad, Vitale card, allowances … the government’s plan to fight against social fraud

2023-05-29 21:36:11

The Minister Delegate for Public Accounts Gabriel Attal announced on Monday that he wanted to control retirees living outside Europe and “strengthen” the conditions of residence in France “to benefit from social allowances”, in an interview with the Parisian.

The government goes on the attack against social fraud. This would cost the state around 30 billion euros, according to magistrate Charles Prats. In an interview at Parisian , the Minister of Public Accounts, Gabriel Attal, presented a series of measures including a merger of the Vitale card and the identity card, the obligation to reside nine months in France and the control of pensioners living outside Europe. The minister estimates the damagebetween 6 and 8 billion euros per year for all social fraud».

Live nine months a year in France

He first announced that he wanted toto strenghten“the conditions of residence in France”to receive social benefits“. It will now be necessary to spend nine months of the year in the country, against six currently planned, to benefit from family allowances or the minimum old age, indicates the minister. Similarly, for the APL, which only require eight months of presence for the time being.

For this, Gabriel Attal “wishes that social protection bodies can use the data from the PNR file (airline passenger name records) to know in case of doubt whether a person really resides in France or spends more time abroad”. «We will enter the Cnil for this“, he announces.

«From July 1, there will no longer be any payment of social allowances to foreign bank accounts outside the European Union. From January 1, 2024, fraudsters will pay an additional 10% penalty, corresponding to the application fee, because it is out of the question for the French to pay for the fraud of those who cheat.“, detailed the minister who targeted Algeria where on “500,000 retirees outside Europe, 300,000 residents in Algeria».

The Vitale card merged with the identity card

Gabriel Attal assured that the government is considering a merger between the Vitale card and the identity card, “as is the case in Belgium, Portugal, Sweden“. For this reason, he announces that he will abandon the biometric Vitale card project.

«We can imagine a model where, from a certain date, when you redo your identity card, it automatically becomes your vital card“, declared the minister during an exchange with journalists, adding that a prefiguration mission would be launched by the summer and could reach conclusions by the end of the year. “Over the past five years, we have deactivated 2.3 million excess Vitale cards. The issue now is the Vitale cards used for illegal medical tourism. People coming to France and using someone else’s Carte Vitale for care“, he specified.

«We discover the vital card / identity card merger measure which is clearly technically impossible to implement and for which the CNIL is deeply opposed“, declared in the evening a framework of the place Beauvau.“Be careful not to infringe data protection and individual freedoms and to make announcement effects. The solution remains the biometric vital card which has been voted and which must be put in placeadded this executive.

Double adjustments in 2027

According to Gabriel Attal, the first fraud is that of contributions. “Today, the Urssaf recover 800 million euros per year. I want these adjustments to double in 2027“, he warns. And to do this, he wantsincrease the workforce of the Urssaff by 60%” and especially “use systematic data cross-referencing“. The second part of the fraud concerns health benefits: “in 70% of cases, the fraud is initiated by a healthcare professional by over-billing or billing for fictitious acts».

«To better detect fraud, we will make an innovation: from 2025, French people treated in a dental or ophthalmological center will receive by SMS the list of treatments billed to Health Insurance. If they identify inconsistencies, they can report them», announces the Minister of Public Accounts. In addition, it announces the launch of a national control plan to “spot false claims” of work stoppage and in particular the “Monday stops».

«We are going to create a thousand additional jobs in the five-year term to fight against social fraud and invest 1 billion euros in information systems, in particular to better cross-check data. This is a ten-year project for which I am setting a first stage: in 2027, we will have twice as many results as in 2022. We would be approaching 3 billion euros adjusted“warns Gabriel Attal.

Fight against RSA fraud

Estimated at 1.2 billion euros, RSA fraud is also in the sights of Gabriel Attal. “I want the social security funds to be able to check more the conditions of resources for the payment of allowances and also to protect the recipients against theft of bank identity statement (RIB). We are therefore going to strengthen the access of social security funds to the bank data file. Gradually by 2025, RSA or activity bonus application forms will be automatically pre-filleds,” he explains.

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