Retirement: in the Senate, the right proposes to push back the retirement age to 63

Extending the retirement age is a subject that the right regularly brings to the table, but in this time of health crisis, the left is indignant at an amendment voted by the Senate. On Saturday, the right – wing majority has indeed emerged the subject, on the occasion of the examination of the draft budget of the Secu, by proposing in particular to work longer.

The amendment of the LR rapporteur for the old age branch, René-Paul Savary, who by its author’s own admission has no chance of surviving the parliamentary shuttle, comes in several sequences, with the objective of ” achieve financial equilibrium for all the basic pension schemes by 2030 ”.

200 votes for, 118 against

He proposes initially to reactivate the financing conference on the balance and the financing of pensions, suspended last spring, like the reform launched by the government. If the conference fails to make proposals, René-Paul Savary develops his own remedies, which would lead to working longer.

This would involve both gradually pushing back the legal retirement age to 63 in 2025. But also accelerating the lengthening of the duration of contributions to reach 43 annuities from the 1965 cohort.

The amendment was supported by the LR and Centrist Union groups (200 votes in favor). Left groups and LREM senators voted against (118 votes).

“Even the government understood the need to bring the country together rather than dividing it”

Minister Brigitte Bourguignon judged the initiative of the Social Affairs Committee “premature”, given “the lack of visibility on the consequences of the health crisis on the pension system”.

She also underlined, in relation to the request to reactivate the financing conference, that “the government is permanently in contact with the social partners of our country”.

On the left, Bernard Jomier (PS) said he was “stunned by the political tempo” of the amendment, in the midst of the economic and social crisis due to the Covid-19 epidemic. “What a political point! “, He quipped. “Even the government understood the need to bring the country together rather than divide it.”

Castaner: “LR senators will never change”

“It’s shocking to take advantage of an amendment to bring pension reform out of the window […] particularly unpopular ”, judged Laurence Cohen (CRCE with Communist majority).

This Sunday, the former Minister of the Interior, now boss of LREM deputies also reacted to denounce the right. “Bruno Retailleau’s LR senators will never change !, he believes on Twitter. On the substance and on the method, the deputies of the LREM group will oppose it”.

“The later we take measures, the heavier will be the note”, replied René-Paul Savary, while Philippe Mouiller (LR) estimated that “even in a difficult situation, it is necessary to have a courageous speech vis-à-vis the French “.

“Is it because we are in a period of Covid that we can no longer discuss any subject? That we need to apply the ostrich policy? “Asked centrist Olivier Henno.

The Senate completed the first reading examination of the Social Security financing bill on Saturday evening. He will vote on Tuesday on the whole text.

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