Retirement: they investigate how a young Brazilian who was studying medicine at the UBA ended up dead in an elevator shaft

Justice investigates the circumstances in which a 22-year-old Brazilian medical student died after falling into the elevator shaft from the 13th floor of a building in the Retiro neighborhood of Buenos Aires, where she was with her boyfriend and a friend, they reported today police and judicial sources.

Although it transpired this Friday, the incident occurred last Friday in a building on 654 Del Libertador Avenue, between Cerrito and Libertad, in the aforementioned Retiro neighborhood.

The victim was identified by the sources as Ana Karolina Fernández (22), a Brazilian who was studying medicine at the University of Buenos Aires (UBA).

The case is in the hands of the investigating judge Manuel de Campos, who for the moment labeled the file as “death from dubious causes.”

According to the summary, which in the last hours arrived at the National Criminal and Correctional Court 41 that De Campos subrogates, everything started from a call to 911 on Friday morning that reported the possible fall of a woman through the hole of the building’s elevator, from the 13th floor.

Members of the neighborhood police station 1A of the City Police attended the scene and interviewed two young people, one who lived in the building and the other, Fernández’s boyfriend, a 26-year-old tennis player who had been dating her for two years.

Both told the police that that morning they had been drinking alcoholic beverages until at one point Fernández fell asleep in an armchair in the living room and the two of them decided to go to another sector of the apartment.

Always according to the version of the boyfriend and the friend, later both returned to where the woman was and did not find her, so when checking the apartment they noticed that in the shield that leads to the elevator, the metal door of the same was open.

As they approached, they noticed that the elevator was not there and they presumed that Fernández had fallen through the hole.

Firefighters from the City Police found the body of the young university student in the third basement of the elevator shaft.

The victim was left lying on his back, dressed in a blue jean and a black T-shirt and in stockings, without shoes on.

The judge will also try to determine if there was some type of drug ingestion in the department, since a plastic bag with a pink powder was seized.

Although the results of the chemical tests are awaited to see what substance it is, police sources indicated that it could be ketamine powder or a new hallucinogenic synthetic drug called “Tucibi” (for the translation of 2C-B, its acronym in English ) or also known as “Venus” or “pink cocaine” (its only resemblance is the powder presentation), which combines the hallucinogenic effects of LSD with the energetic and euphoric effects of MDMA.

Judicial sources indicated to Télam that the autopsy determined as a cause of death the multiple injuries suffered by the victim in his fall from 16 levels, from the 13th to the 3rd floor. subsoil, but the judge awaits the results of the toxicological and other complementary studies to be incorporated into the file in which the prosecutor Cinthia Oberlander also intervenes.

According to what the investigators were able to reconstruct, the young woman went out on Thursday 3 at night with a group of friends to a bar in Belgrano to celebrate the passing of an exam, but after texting with her boyfriend, around 2 in the morning already On Friday the 4th, he went in an Uber to the apartment of the tennis player’s friend, on Avenida Del Libertador.

“At the moment we do not rule out any hypothesis: from an accident due to a failure in the elevator door, to a criminal act. Nor do we rule out that it is linked to the ingestion of any drug. We are in the middle of the investigation stage,” a Telam confided to a research source.

“We want to know if the girl decided to leave the department voluntarily, if she was under the influence of some substance or if she wanted to flee from a situation. Everything is under analysis and that is why the cover is doubtful death,” added the same informant.

By order of Judge De Campos, Police Station 1A has already identified the technician who periodically reviewed that elevator, who, if a fault in the door and an accidental event is confirmed, could end up with an accusation of “wrongful death.”

The magistrate also requested that they send him a copy of the audio recording of the 911 call made by one of the victim’s companions and that a testimonial statement be taken from the building manager and the neighbors.

A friend of Fernández published a message on social networks in which she demanded on behalf of the family that the circumstances of the death be clarified, she asked that the body be repatriated to her country and in which she affirmed that the “silence” of the boyfriend and the friend “remains the greatest mystery to all.”


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