Return of tourists – Spain “one step away from victory” over the virus

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Satisfied with the progress of deconfinement, the Spanish Prime Minister announced that his country will be reopened to tourists again in July.

“Foreign tourists can now plan their holidays in our country now,” said Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez.


The Spanish football championship will resume on June 8 and foreign tourists will be able to return to Spain from July because “the hardest part” of the new coronavirus pandemic has passed, Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez announced on Saturday,

“The hard part is over (…) We have overcome the great wave of the pandemic,” he said at a press conference.

The deconfinement started two weeks ago in half the country will be extended on Monday to Madrid and Barcelona, ​​the two main centers of contagion in Spain, one of the most bereaved countries in Europe with more than 28,000 deaths.

Therefore, “the week of June 8, the resumption of major sports and professional competitions, and in particular the Liga, will be allowed,” he said.

“The hard part is over”

The professional football championship had been suspended since the introduction of containment in mid-March, as had the arrivals of foreign tourists.

“I am announcing that from July, the entry of foreign tourists into Spain will resume under security conditions. Foreign tourists can therefore plan their holidays in our country now, ”he announced.

This authorization is crucial for the second world tourist destination, where the sector weighs 12% of the GDP.

“We will ensure that tourists are not at risk and that they do not bring risks to our country either,” said Pedro Sanchez.

“We are one step away from victory but we must remember that the virus has not disappeared and that we must keep it at a distance,” he warned, however.

“Do not relax”

“It is essential (…) not to relax,” he warned while thousands of Spaniards demonstrated on Saturday in a car at the call of the far-right party Vox to denounce the maintenance the state of alarm imposed on March 14.

Pedro Sanchez narrowly obtained the vote by the parliament on Wednesday of the extension until June 6 inclusive of this exceptional measure which allows to restrict the movement of people to fight against the pandemic.

Madrid and Barcelona will be able to reopen terraces of bars, hotels and museums from Monday, with strict limitations on the number of customers.

Many areas of the country that had already started deconfinement, or 22 million Spaniards, will take the next step, with the reopening of beaches, swimming pools and cinemas.

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