Return to work criteria for risk groups published


The Ssa published the guidelines for the return to work activity of the people who make up the risk groups. In the document, which can be consulted on the site, are specified 14 conditions of vulnerability which must be considered by employers for return to workplaces, both public and private.

The labor integration must be carried out according to the color of the traffic light that indicates the risk level of covid-19 infections.

When in the entity where the worker is, the color of the traffic light is red or orange, the people who show the conditions presented below must stay at home doing their work remotely.

At a yellow traffic light, they will only be able to return to work in areas that are not covid, with the exception of people with two or more comorbidities that meet the vulnerability value or who have had cancer with chemotherapeutic treatment in the last month.

In all cases, the complete return to work activities it will be until the traffic light is green.

In the case of breastfeeding, the mother will join at the end of the maternity leave period, in any traffic light color.

It is clarified that workers who do not meet the vulnerability value must return to work from the traffic light in red.


-Third trimester of pregnancy

-Breastfeeding in any color of the traffic light the mother must stay home until the end of her disability

– Obesity

– Over 60 years without comorbidities

– uncontrolled diabetes mellitus

– Systemic Arterial Hypertension

-Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Diagnosis (COPD)

-Mild Asthma

-Cardiovascular or cerebrovascular disease

-Chronic Kidney Disease

– Pathological states with immunosuppressive treatment

– HIV infection

-Cancer With chemotherapy treatment in the last month

-Comorbidity combinations: two or more comorbidities that meet the vulnerability value.


Five months after the emergence of the first case of covid-19 in Mexico, 402 thousand 697 infections were registered with the emergence of 7 thousand 208 new cases; 49 thousand 178 are active cases and there are 87 thousand 538 suspects.

Deaths rose to 44,876, due to the emergence of 854 new deaths from coronavirus.

At the moment there are 267 thousand 427 people who have overcome the disease.

For two weeks, a slight decrease in infections of less than four percent has been maintained, reported the Ministry of Health.


According to the RED IRAG (Serious Acute Respiratory Infection), Nuevo León reported 79 percent of occupancy in general beds, compared to 47 percent of national average occupancy. Nayarit and Tabasco recorded 75 percent.

In fan beds, the national average occupancy is 39 percent.

In contrast, Tabasco reported 69 percent, Nuevo León 66 and Puebla 61 percent occupancy.

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