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On Monday, March 28, the A-share market opened for trading normally, and the main board and the Science and Technology Innovation Board traded smoothly. Just the night before, Shanghai announced the launch of a new round of nucleic acid screening in the city, with the Huangpu River as the boundary to implement nucleic acid screening in batches. Pudong New Area will implement strict control and management for 4 days from 5:00 on March 28 to 5:00 on April 1.

Lujiazui in Pudong is home to thousands of Chinese and foreign financial institutions, as well as many national-level factor markets and financial infrastructure. The reporter learned that in order to ensure the stable operation of the financial market in the new week, after the above-mentioned notice was released on the 27th, many financial practitioners became “retroversaries” who rushed to work late at night. Due to the rotating control of Pudong and Puxi this time, this means that once some employees enter the company, they must adhere to at least 8 days and 8 nights of closed life.

In fact, many employees of financial institutions have been stationed in the company for many days, and their positions often have their own particularities. After two years of the epidemic, most financial institutions have continued to improve their remote business support systems while enhancing their technological hard power. In the current critical stage of epidemic prevention, the two-pronged plan for online and offline office has ensured the normal operation of financial services to the greatest extent.

Stable operation of financial infrastructure

A relevant person from the Shanghai Stock Exchange told the “Daily Economic News” reporter: “Since the outbreak of the Shanghai epidemic, the Shanghai Stock Exchange has strictly implemented the relevant requirements of Shanghai on epidemic prevention and control, and at the same time, according to the changes in the epidemic situation, it has dynamically adjusted the epidemic prevention and control management measures within the exchange. Key positions such as business and technical system operation have started the closed office of the minimum operation team. According to the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, last week the Shanghai Stock Exchange started the minimum operation unit of the entire stock exchange to work in the office to ensure the safety of transactions, and the rest of the staff worked remotely from home to minimize the flow of personnel At present, the daily business of the Shanghai Stock Exchange is carried out normally, and the transaction arrangement is stable and orderly.”

On the evening of March 27, the Shanghai Stock Exchange also issued 30 measures to deal with the impact of the epidemic and ensure market operations, including through video conferences and other means to ensure that the review meeting of the Science and Technology Innovation Board Listing Committee proceeds normally in accordance with established procedures; provide “cloud listing” services; Support online shareholder meetings, etc.

“In order to ensure the normal operation of the capital market, as long as the community where our employees are not closed, they have to come to the company to work, and it is best to live in the company to prevent sudden isolation at home.” A staff member of a financial infrastructure agency told the “Daily Economy” “News” reporter, after Shanghai issued a notice on epidemic prevention and control yesterday evening, “Some of our colleagues in Puxi drove to the company overnight, because the Puxi area was closed at 3:00 on April 1, so they may have to stay in the company until The closure will be lifted on April 5. As for whether to continue to live in the company in the future, it will be determined according to the epidemic prevention and control situation, and it is still unclear. “

“I have been living in the company since last Friday (March 18). During this period, I avoided the closure period of the community and returned home twice. I took a change of clothes and returned to the company the next day.” According to the reporter, the company’s canteen has sufficient supply, and there is also a place to take a bath. “The company has prepared toiletries, masks, snacks, etc., and the material guarantee is sufficient.”

Many financial institutions open emergency plans

In addition to the normal operation of financial infrastructure, many financial institutions also quickly launched emergency plans to ensure the smooth progress of various businesses.

“In fact, some traders have been stationed in the company for four or five days before.” A person in the trading operation position of an insurance company said that compared with other positions in insurance institutions, the trading operation position has its particularity. “During trading hours, there are A trader is on duty, which can ensure the smooth and orderly transaction. Superimposed that the recent market changes have been relatively large, and some people are left behind in the trading room, the transaction speed and efficiency can be guaranteed. This is the guarantee for the customer’s investment, and also allows the customer to rest assured. “

“After two years of the epidemic, the company has basically realized that all trading operations can be supported online and remotely, including various trading businesses, fund settlement and delivery, transaction data processing, TA data processing, valuation and accounting operations, etc.” a Ping An Pension Insurance sources told reporters that this time, the company has once again tested the safety and timeliness of the remote system for the closure and control of the Shanghai district. In addition, all the staff of the IT department are on standby to check, maintain and solve various business problems of the trading system at any time, so as to ensure the safe and stable operation of the system 7×24 hours, thereby ensuring the safe operation of investment, trading and operation.

The above-mentioned pension insurance company also stated that all employees of the annuity investment business line will stick to their posts in the company’s overall remote office state to ensure the normal service of the investment portfolio, and can quickly respond to various needs of trustees, principals and agents. Since the outbreak of the epidemic in 2020, the company has prepared a business remote operation plan. At present, the company’s transaction accounting platform realizes remote support for all businesses, and investment managers can place orders remotely and stick to their posts.

For most positions in insurance institutions, the “cloud office” model has been fully opened. An internal employee of an insurance company said: “At present, basically everyone is working from home, using the online service system built by the headquarters on a daily basis to guide customers to apply for business online, and fully achieve non-stop contract, preservation, and claims services. “

According to Qiao Hongjun, general manager of the financial market department of Bank of Communications, the bank has launched a multi-center, AB post epidemic emergency transaction mode since March 14 to ensure the safe, stable and orderly operation of the 7×24-hour global financial market business. “On March 27, after Shanghai’s latest epidemic prevention policy was released, the Financial Market Department of Bank of Communications organized nearly 30 leading cadres, party members and business backbones to form a commando team overnight, and entered the Pudong office before 24:00 that night for closed office work. “

The reporter learned that, as an important market maker in the inter-bank bond market and one of the first market-making institutions of “Bond Connect”, Bank of Communications insisted on providing market-making quotations to “Bond Connect” customers during special periods, and played an important role in maintaining the liquidity of the bond market during the epidemic. positive effect. In March, the transaction volume of Bank of Communications’ spot bonds reached 369.4 billion yuan, and the “Bond Connect” business transaction volume reached 65.5 billion yuan, an increase of 85% year-on-year, ensuring that foreign investors’ various bond trading needs are not affected by the epidemic.

In addition, according to the reporter’s understanding from Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, the bank has mapped out the business processing needs of business outlets in the Pudong area within its jurisdiction, and arranged employees to enter relevant outlets in a timely manner to ensure that business processing will not be interrupted in the next four days. At the same time, in order to cooperate with the epidemic prevention and control work, the Puxi branch has arranged operations and staff shifts according to the principle of “minimization” to ensure the continuous and stable supply of necessary financial services.

For various middle and back office operations, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank also adopted the latest emergency plan at the first time, and arranged for the seal management personnel to seamlessly connect with the backup site to ensure that there is no delay, interruption or flaw in the printing work; security personnel and warehouse management personnel stay behind The cash warehouse is guaranteed, and the stable supply of cash at business outlets is guaranteed. In order to strengthen the operation and maintenance of the core computer room, the bank’s scientific and technological staff took the initiative to enter the closed area to provide on-site technical support for the network, front desk, system, office and other aspects.

A person from Shanghai Trust said that in response to the closure of the office building, the company also urgently purchased reclining chairs, quilts, toiletries and reserved ingredients, and formulated a staffing plan for the property and restaurant under the closed state of the building to ensure that it can meet the needs of the scene. Guarantee the working and living needs of personnel during the closure of the building.

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