reunification and friction, the summary of episode 8

KOH LANTA LES 4 TERRES – The two tribes no longer exist, make way for the reunified tribe! And all is not a long calm river for the adventurers. Read our recap of episode 8 of Koh Lanta Les 4 Terres.

[Mis à jour le 16 octobre 2020 à 23h45] Fabrice is struggling to get used to the absence of Sébastien, his adventure companion eliminated by the Reds last week. “It hurts my morale,” he announces facing the camera. But we must move on and the Northerner will have many other things to think about. First of all because you have to get busy to tie up as much as possible the trunk that their opponents will have to open the next day. Having reached the test of comfort, the two groups must embark on an obstacle course by carrying these famous 100 kilo trunks which they must then untie. In the end, a candidate is chosen to run for a machete in order to cut the ties. In a duel against his former teammate Brice, Dorian wins and allows his team to win, leaving Loïc free to cut the rope. The Yellows win the comfort test and, at the same time, a tarpaulin for shelter as well as pastries. What to regain strength for the rest of the adventure.

Ambassadors negotiate

Denis Brogniart announces to the two teams that the time for reunification has come. And with it, the famous negotiations of the ambassadors! Each tribe appoints an ambassador who has the difficult task of agreeing with his counterpart on the elimination of a member of one or the other team. If no agreement is reached, they must play their own elimination on the draw of a black ball. In a surge of courage and generosity, Loïc designates himself among the Yellows and promises that he will go so far as to put his adventure on the line to avoid eliminating one of his family. A strategy that worries Laurent a lot. For the Reds, it’s more complicated. Hadja sees herself as a good negotiator but warns her partners: “on the other hand, I tell you, I will not go to the black ball […] if there is someone coming out, you shouldn’t come and cry. ”The Reds still agree to send Hadja as ambassador.

Faced with a stubborn Loïc who wants to try his luck against the black ball rather than eliminate a Yellow, Hadja proposes to part with a Red. The two ambassadors announce to the reunified tribe that Marie-France has been eliminated following their negotiations. Philosopher, Marie-France believes that she cannot blame Hadja. “I can only blame myself.” Find our interview with Marie-France here.

First contacts between ex-Jaunes and ex-Rouges

The Reds join the Yellow camp and now form the reunified tribe. If the reunion is pleasant for some, we quickly feel a certain tension between the old rival teams. Brice warns Dorian that his “head is at a price” because he is very good on the tests. The Norman gets annoyed by learning this strategy which he considers anti-sporting. For her part, on the camp, Hadja makes people talk by cooking all the rice that was left to the Yellows.

Then comes the first individual immunity test: an extremely difficult obstacle course. In the women, Alix wins while Loïc beats Dorian on the wire in the men. Opposed in a game of balance to be separated, the two candidates do not demerit but it is ultimately Alix, very moved, who wins. She announces in the wake that she gives her immunity collar, valid until the advice of episode 8, to Dorian to ensure that he continues the adventure.

Nothing is going well for the ex-Reds

Alix and Dorian’s immunity changes a lot of things in the negotiations leading up to the week’s elimination vote. Two names circulate a lot: Angelica on one side and Hadja on the other. Both are singled out for their certain inactivity on the camp. In the end, with 7 votes against her, Hadja left the adventure not without hiding her animosity towards Alix: “I think she is the thinking head of the yellows. I think she is able to make all the sheep follow. that there is behind. ” Hadja leaves the adventure by giving her black vote to Joaquina who will be able to vote twice next week. The former Reds are in difficulty, now six against seven. Read our interview with Hadja here.

Everything about Koh Lanta

In Koh Lanta: the 4 lands, four teams are opposed. They are all made up of 6 different candidates and each team represents a large region of France: North, South, West and East. They will therefore not only have to survive in the archipelago of Fiji but also represent the colors of their respective regions. The portraits of the candidates of Koh Lanta: The 4 lands were revealed by TF1 at the beginning of August. To learn more about them, click here.

Koh-Lanta fans woke up Thursday morning with sad news. Bertrand-Kamal, adventurer of the green team of the current Koh Lanta season, died of cancer. This brutal announcement upset fans of the show, who also wondered: what consequences will this sudden death have on the broadcast of the adventure game, currently on the air every Friday on TF1? In a joint statement, the first channel and the production company ALP did not mention an interruption in the broadcasting of Koh-Lanta. Les 4 Terres will continue to air weekly, as is currently the case.

The next episode of Koh-Lanta will be well broadcast this Friday, September 11, at 9:05 p.m. on Koh-Lanta. The season of 4 lands will however be dedicated to Bertrand-Kamal, as was specified in this press release shared on social networks. But will the game have to adapt to the course of the candidate, still in the running at the end of the second episode? What will happen if the candidate is a finalist? For the time being, it is too early to tell, and TF1 has not communicated on this subject. But some fans already evoke that in the event of victory, it is the parents of the deceased adventurer who win the sum which was due to him, or that it be donated to an association. From this evening, a preamble paying tribute to Bertrand-Kamal will be broadcast at the beginning of the episode.

Denis Brogniart “devastated” by the death of Bertrand-Kamal

Following the announcement of the candidate’s death, Denis Brogniart, presenter of the TF1 game, who split a moving tribute to Bertrand-Kamal on social networks. According to a statement from the first channel, the television host “accompanied him throughout his illness”, diagnosed after the filming of the adventure game. “Am devastated”, wrote Denis Brogniart in particular on his Twitter account, “I knew him as an adventurer of Koh Lanta and I loved him as a friend afterwards, a loved one with whom I shared so many moments privileged “.

In this moving tribute, Denis Brogniart returned to the personality of the Koh Lanta candidate: Bertrand-Kamal “impressed me with his courage, his mentality, his tenderness and his altruism. A great man, a golden guy, an adventurer wonderful. His life was short but so rich and intense, made of love, joy, generosity. ” On his Twitter account, the host called on his followers to honor “the memory of such a good man,” while addressing his thoughts to the adventurer’s family. “My Beka, I keep your smile forever, your sparkling eyes, our daily moments that it was so hard, I will never forget you. #Rip I love you.” For its part, TF1 and ALP announced that the Koh Lanta season: the 4 lands would be dedicated to Bertrand-Kamal, without mentioning any interruption in the broadcasting of the game as a result.

A tribute already paid during the final of Koh Lanta: the island of heroes

Denis Brogniart had already paid a discreet tribute to Bertrand-Kamal during the final of Koh Lanta: the island of heroes. On June 5, after the victory of Naoil, the presenter of the first channel wanted to have “a thought for Samir and his family who are going through difficult times, we think of you”. So that the name of the adventurer is not revealed, the host of the survival game had mentioned Samir, the first name of Bertrand-Kamal’s father, so that his tribute would be more discreet with regard to the adventurer.

Koh Lanta season: the 4 lands is broadcast every Friday on TF1 from 9:05 p.m. For viewers who missed an episode, the first channel offers to watch them in replay streaming on the site MyTF1. Note that an episode remains online 8 days after its television broadcast.

The death of Bertrand-Kamal, adventurer of the current green team of Koh Lanta: the 4 lands, struck a blow to the TF1 team. Friday September 11, Denis Brogniart was invited on the set of Europe 1 to evoke this heavy loss, confirming that a preamble was planned in the episode broadcast this evening to pay tribute to him. The passage of the host of the adventure game at the microphone of Europe 1 was also an opportunity to discuss the next season of Koh Lanta. And the presenter made an announcement to say the least surprising: due to the coronavirus, the shooting will take place in France.Denis Brogniart spoke of this next season of Koh Lanta in a few words: the casting “is over” and the shooting must start in October. However, out of the question for the presenter to reveal again with precision the shooting location: “We will shoot in France, but France is great” he suggested, enigmatic. Viewers will therefore certainly be able to attend portions of the filming of the TF1 game. According to information from TV Mag, the shooting will take place in French Polynesia.

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