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Below is a summary of the latest health news.

Patients are often confused by medical reviews

Even the best educated, responsible people may have difficulty deciphering the test results that they can access after visiting a doctor, as two new studies suggest. “The benefits of improving patient access to their own medical information are obvious: empowering patients and engaging in their own healthcare, as well as increasing trust and feeling of partnership with their healthcare provider,” said Dr. Daniel Miller, assistant professor of dermatology at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, told Reuters Health via email.

The WHO says the joint China mission should begin the coronavirus scan this weekend

A mission led by the World Health Organization in China will begin investigating the outbreak this weekend, focusing on the spread of the new coronavirus and the severity of the disease, the WHO Director General said on Friday. The joint team, made up of 12 international members and their 12 Chinese colleagues, will provide further details on how, where and when the more than 1,700 previously infected health workers have contracted the new virus.

Lots of exercise to lower the risk of kidney disease

According to a recent study, people who have a lot of physical activity may be less likely to develop chronic kidney disease than their sedentary counterparts. The researchers tracked nearly 200,000 Taiwanese adults without kidney disease for up to 18 years. Compared to those who were least active, those who were most active were 9% less likely to be 9% less during the study period.

Chinese tourist dies of coronavirus in France, first death in Europe: minister

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An 80-year-old Chinese tourist died in France of the rapidly spreading corona virus, becoming the first victim in Europe, said French Health Minister Agnes Buzyn on Saturday. France has registered 12 cases out of a total of 67,000 viruses. The vast majority of people suffering from the virus are in China. The epidemic killed more than 1,500 people.

Hong Kong arranges flights to take passengers home from the Diamond Princess ship

The Hong Kong government will send planes to Japan to return passengers from the quarantined cruise ship Diamond Princess, which has seen most of the coronavirus infections outside of China. In a statement late Saturday, the security office said that charter flights would bring Hong Kong residents back to the city free of charge once the Japanese authorities have confirmed the plan.

Americans get off a virus-infested cruise; China says new cases are slowing

American passengers were taken off a cruise ship on Sunday to fly home after being quarantined two weeks before Japan, while China said the rate of new coronavirus cases has slowed and requested that its steps be taken to combat them of the outbreak worked. An announcement on the Tannoy aboard the Diamond Princess, where 3,700 passengers and crew had been detained since February 3, urged the Americans to prepare to go home on Sunday evening for charter flights. Passengers wearing masks could later see waving through the windows of buses parked near the ship.


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