Revamping the Web: ChatGPT’s AI-powered Chatbot now with Siri Integration and Full Screen Support on iOS Devices

2023-06-09 00:22:48

ChatGPT, the record-breaking chatbot that’s revamping the web (maybe the world), made its way to iPhones last month with an official app. Thanks to the app, iOS users can easily access the AI-powered chatbot and get answers to their queries in a few seconds. It’s only been available for a few weeks but it’s already a phenomenon on the App Store. Today, developers are making it even more interesting on iOS. OpenAI improves integration with iOS offering support for Siri and Shortcuts. In addition, the to update Also optimizes the app on iPads.

ChatGPT for iOS offers deeper integration with Siri, convenient iPad support, and more

Shortcuts allows you to create and save a custom ChatGPT router in Shortcuts. You can link it to other apps to perform a specific action. For example, you can save the answer to a prompt in Notes or send it directly through the messaging app. Thanks to deeper integration with Siri, you can also use the assistant to do so. ChatGPT now also provides support for drag and drop between different Apple devices. You can simply drag and drop the response from ChatGPT to other applications.

Speaking of improvements for the iPad, ChatGPT now offers a full screen experience. Previously, the app was designed with the iPhone screen in mind. Now, those who want to use the app on iPad will find the best experience with the screen on its real stage. It’s strange that it hasn’t been improved before, after all, the app makes a lot of sense on the iPad’s big screen.

OpenAI maintains its push towards Apple products

The update confirms OpenAI’s commitment to Apple platforms. The app arrived on iOS devices in the US in mid-May. And it will reach 11 more countries soon. We still have to see if this update will address some of the issues that were reported a few days ago. According to reports from India, some users are experiencing overheating issues and sudden battery drain after installing the app. Let’s wait to confirm if these bugs have been addressed by this update.

The update should arrive on your iOS or iPadOS device automatically via App Store updates. If not, check it out Head to the App Store to install the latest version. You can also use the link to try the app on your device if you haven’t done so yet. Unfortunately, Android users will still have to wait for the app to launch on the platform.

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