Revealing the cute corners of 8 female fighters of the ONE World Grand Prix, female atomweight version

The World Grand Prix, the strongest female stage in ONE Championship history, is about to appear in the eyes of fans.sportAround the world at ONE: EMPOWER (One Empower), which will be televised on Friday, September 3, 21, with the “eight strong women” of the atomweight (47.7 – 52.2 kg) class representing. 8 nations fight in mixed martial arts (MMA)

But today, we want to take you to see their cute corners outside the ring. Which allows us to see the charm of each person who is as interesting as their skillful craftsmanship.

Denis Zamboanga (IG: denicezamboanga)

Denis Zamboanga, 24, is a rising star from the Tagalog. Which is considered one of the favorites in this battle By being the owner of an unbeaten record of 8 fights throughout his career and has won 3 straight fights since his debut in ONE

But on a leisurely day outside the ring, she is a sweet, cute girl who is equally sweet and loves animals. With the dog as her favorite pet, fans can follow her beautiful photos on her personal Instagram. which might make you say WOW!

Seo Hee Ham (IG: ham.zzang)

“Seo Hee Ham”, a 34-year-old female fighter from Dan Kimchi, but still looks good and bright in Korean style. Seo holds a brutal 23-8 record, which is almost half of his opponent’s dictatorship. Plus trailers from many of Asia’s leading titles, although Saw recently joined ONE Championship and is about to appear for the first time in this battle. But from the past experience, it is considered the most genius among all competitors.

Alona Rassohina (IG: alonarassokhina90)

Ukrainian MMA champion Alona Rassohina is the owner of the Armbar Ultimate who has defeated his opponents in the first round 10 times and has imposed a first defeat against “Stamp Fairtex“Also, in mixed martial arts (MMA) rules, she is now 31 years old and a mother of one child. In addition to being a sub-mission, she is also a flirty dancer who is unbeatable.

Stamp Fairtex (IG: stamp_fairtex)

Stamp, a red-mouthed fighter with the phrase “mouth is not red, doesn’t have a punch”, a former ONE two-sport world champion we’ve seen many of her brutal moves on the ring. But another corner after removing the mitt She is a dance goddess with music in her heart. When did you hear the music? Step came then

Stamp is the only female Thai fighter selected to compete at the World Grand Prix, she will return to take revenge on Aliona after a dramatic defeat last time out. past To continue to pursue the goal of challenging the world championship in mixed combat sports.

Itsuki Hirata (IG: _itsuki_h_)

Itsuki is a 22-year-old female fighter from the land of samurai, known for her brutal fighting style. Comes with an amazing record of 4 undefeated fights in ONE Championship and has defeated a half Thai-Japanese female fighter “Rika Ishige” in an all-out fight.

But the real person on the other side of her seen through Instagram She is a pretty girl with a clear look, quirky style that anyone who sees it will surely be fascinated by this girl. But young sports fans will be heartbroken because she now has a heart.

Alice Anderson (IG: alyseanderson21)

Beautiful fighter “Alice Anderson”, age 26, American national representative. Carry a national championship degree and an Invicta FC champion for the first time in this battle. In addition to fighting skills After abstaining from training We get to see her versatile personality that can be both a cool big bike girl and a sexy girl in a tiny bikini.

Meng Bo (IG: bomeng81)

“Meng Bo”, a powerful female fighter from the dragon land. One of the knockout girls of ONE Championship this year is just five years old. She is a former Taekwondo and Santa (Chinese Kung Fu) athlete, turning to professional mixed martial arts (MMA) in her early 20s. Ranked 2nd in the current Atomweight Ranking ONE.

Ritu Fogat (IG: rituphogat48)

championboxingWrestling Danbharata “The Indian Tigress” Ritu Fogat, whose story revolves around the life of a family of fighters, was portrayed in the world-famous film “Dangal. After getting off the ring, Ritu often goes to the kitchen to cook and play music, his favorite leisure activities.

Ritu, 27, is known for having an unparalleled level of wrestling. With a record of winning 5 wins out of 6 bouts in ONE, she is one of the toughest fighters to watch.

Fans can watch an all-female fighter for the first time in history at ONE: EMPOWER this Friday, September 3 via the ONE Super App, YouTube ONE Championship, AIS Play (only for AIS customers). at 6:30 p.m. and Thairath TV Channel 32 (received live broadcast at 9:30 p.m.)

Competitors of the World Grand Prix Women’s Atomweight, first round
• Denis Zamboanga vs. Seo Hee Ham
• Alona Rassohina vs. Stamp Fairtex
• Meng Bo vs. Ritu Fogat
• Itsuki Hirata vs. Alice Anderson


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