revelations about Yuriy’s beating

A 15-year-old college student, Yuriy was taken to hospital in serious condition after being severely beaten on the evening of January 15. He was then with friends on the slab of Beaugrenelle, the converted roof of a shopping center in the 15th arrondissement, a wealthy district of the capital.

The broadcast on social networks on January 22 of twenty seconds of images of his attack had caused a stir, within the political class as among celebrities. We see a dozen young people in sports clothes and hooded jackets kicking and beating, or sticks, on a person on the ground, before abandoning him. According to a source familiar with the matter, Yuriy had “a screwdriver in his pocket” during his assault.

Another assault behind Yuriy’s lynching

The investigation resulted in the indictment of eleven suspects and brings to light the rivalry between two bands in a context of revenge, according to information from the Parisian. Young Yuriy would belong to the “RD4” gang.

Five days before the assault, another fight broke out at the port of Javel in the 15th century. G.-M, a young man from Vanves was allegedly molested and humiliated by young people belonging to “RD4” of which Yuriy “surely” belongs. “Having friends in a gang does not mean being a member,” defends Nataliya, the teenager’s mother. His screwdriver on him, it was just for a plastic art class and he did not hit this young person, ”said the mother to the Parisian.

Languages ​​are loosened on the networks

While suspects remain very silent during police questioning, the situation is very different on social media. Yuriy’s assault was broadcast live on Facetime. On Snapchat, a youngster shows a white phone covered in blood that is believed to belong to Yuriy. In caption: “I lick his blood” and “the blood of enemies”.


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