Reverse of the Courageuses: victims must continue to turn to civil courts, believes lawyer Anne-France Goldwater

The Supreme Court’s decision not to hear the Courageuses’ class action demand against Gilbert Rozon should not discourage victims of sexual assault from turning to civil courts, judge lawyer Anne-France Goldwater.

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“I just want to comfort all of our sisters, the other women in society, that the appeal is not dismissed. You shouldn’t look at it like that. It’s just the procedural vehicle that was not accepted. The Courageuses always have the right to sue, ”she commented on Tuesday to QUB radio.

Even if she is sorry for the “three wasted years” by Les Courageuses following their unsuccessful approach, Mr.e Goldwater continues to believe that civil courts are “one of the real solutions” for victims of sexual assault.

“I have always thought that the solution is to go through civil proceedings, because often it is a greater discouragement, especially when the abuse comes from those in power or who have the resources. […] In civil law, your burden to prove your case is only say 50% plus one, ”she stressed at Sophie Durocher’s microphone.

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