Review of 13 horror games, now available on Netflix.

or a talented and creative payroll employee. But instead of being deprived of work from senior leaders until they have to join the 13 game because of insufficient income and expenditure

Although there are many questionable and questionable parts, such as surveillance cameras that monitor behavior. movement Where is the chit in the game? But the movie was fun to use. And secretly very depressed for the author while watching And what is the last boy who controls this game? Which many people who finished watching this movie would have the same doubt, including the author. Which will have to follow in the 11 the 12 that’s it in order to understand the movie better. Personally, the level that the author thinks is the most brutal is the last one. Anyone who wants to know must go and watch for themselves on Netflix through the TrueID box.

Review score 8.5/10 because of rationality The nature of the actors and the fun, the best and the uniqueness of the movie as well, including the plot, the script, the narrative. It’s all very natural.

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