Review of Parakacuk Demo, a Bully-Yakuza Combined Game Made by Indonesian Developers

INDOZONE.ID – Game developer from Indonesia, Gamecom Team has just released a demo version of his new game called Parakacuk. This game, which was announced some time ago, attracted the attention of many people because the game concept was inspired by games such as Bully and Yakuza.

Without further ado, here is an initial review of the demo version of the Parakacuk game presented by the Gamecom Team on Steam. Please note that this game is still being released in demo form so it is likely that the final version could change quite a lot from what is currently released.

Quality Graphics and User Interface

Tampilan gameplay Parakacuk Demo buatan Gamecom Team (photo/Gamecom Team/INDOZONE)

Parakacuk itself comes with graphic quality that is not too realistic and not too bad either, players can still enjoy this game well. However, the character model contained in this game is arguably quite strange where the details of the character’s face are quite detailed but not in line with the body model, this can be seen clearly through the cutscenes shown in the game.

Then the user interface itself is good enough. Players can see information related to the HP bar clearly from either their own HP or the enemy’s HP. Then there are also a number of effects when the player successfully hits the enemy using several weapons, for example Fighting Gear.

Controls and Gameplay

Parakacuk Demo gameplay display made by Gamecom Team
Tampilan gameplay Parakacuk Demo buatan Gamecom Team (photo/Gamecom Team/INDOZONE)

This is one of the homeworks for Gamecom Team if they want to release the Parakacuk game this year. The controls of the game are arguably still very bad and difficult to master. I found out that Budi’s character can dodge with the press of a button [Space] (on PC). However, the dodge feature is very unresponsive, especially when used simultaneously when the player is hitting the enemy.

In addition, the AI ​​of the enemy in the Parakacuk game is still quite problematic, enemies often avoid players rather than fight them. Especially if the enemy’s HP is very low, then the enemy will automatically run away as if being chased by a ghost.

Not only that, I also found an oddity where Budi’s HP could be reduced little by little just by coming into contact with the enemy. Maybe the Gamecom Team uses a ‘collide’ system to reduce players’ HP when in contact with enemies. However, this should not happen especially when the player is not hitting.

Audio dan Voice Over

Apart from the controls, Audio is also a big problem in the Parakacuk game. I myself felt shocked after opening this game for the first time and hearing the background music on the Main Menu that didn’t connect with the concept of the story at all. Moreover, the sound produced from the Fighting Gear weapon actually sounded like the player was fending off an attack rather than attacking the enemy.

I also didn’t hear any effects from the enemy’s hit so we couldn’t know whether the enemy’s attack hit us or not if we didn’t see the HP bar at the top left of the screen.

The voice over of the characters in this game still sounds like it was generated using text-to-speech software. Of course this is a drawback when compared to other games made in Indonesia such as Pulang: Insanity, which are still much better, even though they both use English and not Indonesian voice over.

Stories and Concepts

Parakacuk Demo gameplay display made by Gamecom Team
Tampilan gameplay Parakacuk Demo buatan Gamecom Team (photo/Gamecom Team/INDOZONE)

Even though in this demo version there is still very little story because it focuses more on showing gameplay, we can get a little information that it turns out that the main character of this game is Budi (the player) and he tries to keep his class so that students from another class.


Parakacuk Demo gameplay display made by Gamecom Team
Tampilan gameplay Parakacuk Demo buatan Gamecom Team (photo/Gamecom Team/INDOZONE)

Gamecom Team still has a lot to improve things in the Parakacuk game before releasing the final version. Indeed, we don’t expect this game to compete with AAA games like Bully and Yakuza. But at least this game can have controls, audio, and gameplay that doesn’t make players feel lost when they buy it.

Because it is still in the demo stage, I did not give a score for the Parakacuk game first. So from that we just wait for the Parakacuk game to be launched in full. What do you think? Write in the comments!

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