Review of ‘The Goddess Fortune’ (2019): Portrait out of focus

Marriage crises, family dramas, the evolution of feelings and the adoption of children by homosexual couples are the themes addressed in ‘The Goddess Fortune’ by Turkish director Ferzan Ozpetek. Drama and comedy come together in this unfocused portrait, through which characters from multicultural Europe wander. The film establishes a discourse with the intention of showing that what differentiates nations is not race or language. People feel in their hearts that they are the same people when they have a community of ideas, interests, affections and hopes, which is what constitutes the homeland.

On the other hand, ‘The goddess fortune’ asks us the following question: What is necessary to do to keep our loved ones in the heart? And it does so without pressing the accelerator fully, while responding to the usual parameters of its author, often lost in the tangle of secondary characters, who complete its plot premise. Likewise, the film superficially reels off reflections on that familiar world, threatened by conventions, money and globalization, represented by a bunch of human beings willing at least to build their diary run from the far courtyards of childhood.

The goddess fortune

Italia. 2019. 114 m. (7). Drama.


Ferzan Ozpetek.


Stefano Accorsi, Edoardo Leo, Jasmine Trinca.



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