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Rundfunk: Jachterwachter, the film version of the absurd comedy series Cow funk, is one of the first new films to be seen in Dutch cinemas since the lockdown due to the corona crisis. The film receives varying reviews.

The Telegraph – 1.5 star

“The first feature film by Cow funk flies out of the starting blocks, including Pierre Bokma as Bosboom’s rapping and money-addicted father. But soon it goes downhill with humor. In addition to a series of parched camping ideas about full showers and toilets, a pedophile walks by with a camera, a man with a sword in his stomach and a violinist whose dog is shot. “

Cow funk likes to joke about vulnerable people who have to pay extra. In Jachterwachter Unfortunately, the focus is more on the shock itself than on the joke that must follow. Often a punchline is missing, a scene simply ends in the superlative of coarseness. That problem had already surfaced in the television series with which the makers became known, and seemed to have disappeared a bit more in their more recent theater tours. “

“What was still energetic absurdism in theater is now turning into arbitrary sadism. And that is a lot less funny.”

You can read the full review in De Telegraaf here.

AD – 4 stars

“The makers of Rundfunk: Jachterwachter had already proven their idiosyncrasy with a television series that has quite a following. For a feature film variant, something else had to be invented. “

“That is why the story takes place on a lousy campsite that is ready for demolition. Yannick van de Velde plays the overseer, one of the most thankless professions in the Netherlands. A kind of Joris Goedbloed who is working his way out for thankless guests. The arrival of a former child star (Tom van Kalmthout) as a possible right hand seems to offer a solution, but it works out differently: it leads to apocalyptic scenes, in which even a very elderly Joseph and Mary give birth to a Jesus child. “

“The humor of Rundfunk: Jachterwachter shines and chafes. Watching the hour and a half is a hell for the haters. But anyone who is open to this unpredictable chaos will have a successful evening. “

You can read the full review in the AD here (scroll down).

de Volkskrant – 2 stars

“The feature film version of the Cow funkuniverse is definitely ambitious. Rundfunk: Jachterwachter with its precise Wes Anderson-like styling and yellowish color filter, it certainly looks like a real film. There is also an attempt at an overarching storyline: so about Ronnie Bosboom, formerly a boy with a golden throat who was beaten on stage by his father (Bokma, again), nowadays a broken twenty-something who, after years in a clinic at the camping is trying to get together. “

“It mainly turns out to be a stepping stone for an unrelenting flow of quasi-provocative sketches about Germans, demented old people, demented elderly, rape and shit. Sometimes they hit the mark, they are surprised by their unfathomable absurdism or impudent tastelessness, they are visually interesting or infectiously played More often they drown in the makers’ attempt to be incessantly funny. “

“This is a movie like a YouTube compilation, full of jokes that eventually run out of shelf life even within this short time frame. In this case, a visible amount of comic and cinematic talent is lost.”

You can read the full review in de Volkskrant here.



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