REVIEWS: Foo Fighters l pop rock. Fans of the band will appreciate the memory of the better time Culture

THE ANGELS The album Medicine At Midnight by the band Dave Grohl, once a member of Nirvana, offers refractory and a positive atmosphere.

Dest’s album Foo Fighters was completely created to go before the onset of the pandemic. In fact, it could be written that the mood of music and darkness is completely out of the question. What paradoxically seems to me to be a positive record would be insufficient.

At the Rockin event

When the band took a break in 2018, the principal Dave Grohl revealed, eumv sleku pr npad na dal album. Toilo took place from June 2019 to November 2020. After the start of the crown, the musicians decided to postpone the release of the title Medicine At Midnight (Plnon medicna) until they could go on the turn. They wanted to celebrate 25 years of Foo Fighters naively. But because it turned out that suitable conditions for the performance did not just happen, the furnaces only released a foam recording into the world, regardless of the concerts.

Grohl’s first change was, as he said in an interview with the music server Pitchfork, to record a really ridiculous, kicked record, full of anthemic, massive rock songs that you can sing with them. What he doesn’t know about Foo Fighters is the embezzlement of grunge with its sociable criticism and inner flaws. Because Grohl broke free from the artistically called legacy of Nirvana u dvno and he always had a great deal of energetic rock.

Simplicity and optimism, on the other hand, can represent a pleasant change compared to the predominance of contemporary rock recordings, which are difficult in time. Good mood without a doubt l, and not only at full moon. Thanks for it, which is probably why the album Medicine At Midnight has a strong review in the world press.

The problem is that a number of songs are shallow. The water Making A Fire is no longer interesting to break away from the imaginable riffs and melodic keys. Pmoar effort to catch even from the chorus or from the thugs, to cheer up the merger of the interlude with two choirs. emu I answer a somewhat banln text: I waited my whole life, and I will really t / je as spplit / so vykesvm ohe.

Although Foo Fighters do not copy, a number of basic motifs and often used chord procedures logically remind us of the evergreen. When listening to the ballad Chasing Birds, it is easy to remember, for example, the dog Woman by John Lennon. On the other hand, such rock anthems as Love Dies Young just work.

ekn na vlku

However, the use of the album as a whole would be simplified. Waiting For The War, graduating from an acoustic arrangement with a string quartet to a finale with drums and deep distorted guitars, in clear and double-sided language, expresses fear of an uncertain future. The fear shared with human beings: At an age, we are on a wolf … and the sky falls / on a great collision in the world that had them.

Pesvdiv is also the inspiration for Waiting For The War. These are not empty words: I wrote the dog the same day I drove my daughter to the bike and she turned to me with the question Daddy, will there be a wolf ?. My heart stopped, I realized that living under the same dark cloud of fear as it did thirty years ago, Grohl outlines the unpleasant resemblance of a day to the days of cold wolves.

The title Medicine At Midnight is again one of the songs where Foo Fighters musically bake their own wall. Despite the fact that I don’t need my worshipers. Funk’s rhythm and sound, laughing at some of the pot popov of the 80’s, would probably be expected of them by few. Grohl himself acknowledged the strong influence of Lets Dance by David Bowie in the interview. What a salary in detail. Even with the guitar, he listens to the sound and techniques of Stevie Ray Vaughan, who was a guest at Bowie’s at the time. Although a handful of punches click here, the strong inspiration is not to be commended. Again, this is not a plagit alien melody, just a variation on a given darkness.

The musicians are, according to the eye, an experienced workman, a quality work. Although in the sound of sleekness, not when the two ever lost the sympathetic predation of the band. The energy, if left out, is disguised under the surface. Pesto cannot be overheard as Grohl’s dream drive is put into his voice, nor is the elaborate arrangement. Or a host of such skilled guests as the acclaimed jazz percussionist Omar Hakim.

Medicine At Midnight probably doesn’t fit among the album’s hits. It would not be possible to label the recording as unloaded. They had a sense of meaning for their creators, and in the case of orthodox rock honors, Foo Fighters, it will not be a deserted calculation. And not only Foo Fighters fans will appreciate the encouraging memory of a better time when they could fully hear the simple refrain with the band.



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