Revocation of Mandate: it is necessary to collect four times the number of signatures per day to carry out the exercise

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So far, the promoters of the Popular Consultation of the Revocation of Mandate They have gotten 703,824 signatures of support of the 2,758,227 required to carry out this democratic exercise scheduled for the April 10, 2022.

The Revocation of Mandate is the instrument of participation that must be requested by citizens and organized by the National Electoral Institute (OTHER) to determine the early conclusion in the performance of the holder of the Presidency of the Republic, from the loss of confidence.

Since last November 1, when the collection of signatures began, more than 21,328 supports per day and the deadline is December 25th.

The above means that in the remaining 22 days, about 93,382 citizen support should be obtained per day to reach the more than 2,054,403 that remain.

And is that the Constitution demands that the support for the exercise promoted by the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador should be distributed in such a way as to comply with the 3% of the electoral roll of at least 17 States.

(Photo: Courtesy INE)
(Photo: Courtesy INE)

Meanwhile, the INE continues the thorough review of each of the citizen support received through a app and those collected through physical formats, that is, in paper formats filled “by hand”.

This last modality will only apply to 204 municipalities with the highest marginality in the country; However, the Superior Chamber of the Electoral Tribunal of the Federal Judicial Power (TEPJF) agreed with the party Brunette who disagreed with the institute’s decision and approved the use of the physical formats in all the country.

Faced with this situation that forces the institute to review and, where appropriate, validate the more than 2.7 million formats, the event was held from March 27 to April 10, 2022. In addition, the date of the respective call must be adjusted.

Lorenzo Cordova, President Counselor of the INE, warned in the General Council session held on October 20, risks that they ran from accepting the use of paper formats throughout the country, recalling that in 2000 a request for citizen consultation was submitted that yielded more than 400,000 apocryphal propss in that mode.

“A popular consultation request was also submitted by several citizens, including a famous telenovela filmmaker, Epigmenio Ibarra, on paper, and what did that exercise show us? 45 days to the INE, and that one out of every five signatures was false, “he explained.

They reported that Morena is requesting signatures for the Mandate Revocation consultation during AMLOFest 2021 (Photo: Twitter / @ AlexSanchezMx)
They reported that Morena is requesting signatures for the Mandate Revocation consultation during AMLOFest 2021 (Photo: Twitter / @ AlexSanchezMx)

According to the INE, 22,422 citizens they signed up for promote the Revocation of the Mandate and according to the most recent cut, of the 860,693 citizen supports received, there have been 79,736 inconsistencies.

It has 29,578 duplicate records from the same petitioner, while 9,596 have been discharged and 9,141 data have not been found. Another 1,124 firms are in process and 22,546 at the “control table.”

The Mexico City and the state of Tabasco, where AMLO is from, present the greater number of support firms, which exceeds the 150% of what is required.

Regarding the records delivered by promoter or association, Dulce Nalleli Luna Lindoro has presented the highest number at the moment with 59,862; followed by Graciela Ramírez Hernández, with 59,356; Gabriela Georgina Jiménez Godoy (president of the organization Let Democracy continue), 38,529 and Uriel Orozco Hernández, 23,475.

The other promoters are well below these figures; even most of them register zero signatures.


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