RFS also celebrates victory in the fifth game and the season continues perfectly – Football Premier League – Football

RFS won “Jelgava” at home with 1: 0 (0: 0).

Tomāšs Šimkovičs scored the winning goal for RFS.

From the very first minutes, Jelgavnieki did not allow the Latvian vice-champions to express themselves on the pitch, regularly covering their opponents. In the 16th minute, RFS goalkeeper Danilo Kucher saved his team from a lost goal. After 35 minutes, there was a bit of a mixup on the field as Daniils Hvoinickis found themselves out of position and their organization level dropped to passable.

“Pendeli” was performed by Šimkovičs, but the ball hit the crossbar and the repeated shot was not accurate.

The second half began with a goal scored, with Shimkovic rehabilitating for a missed “pendulum.” A mistake by his team was to “Jelgava”, but Emersons Santana Deuslesian took over the ball and started the attack. Shortly afterwards, the ball came to Artūrs Zjuzins, who gave Šimkovič a great pass (1: 0).

Jelgavnieki also did not give a whistle to the home team during this half, but they did not know how to “unlock” the opponents’ goal. In the 62nd minute, Darko Lemajic, who had previously missed three games and recovered from an injury, as well as Robert Savavnieks, who had to leave the previous duel due to disqualification, were released on the RFS field.

Sedriks Kuadio was ever so close to scoring after an excellent corner was met beautifully by Vladislavs Kurakins, but the ball bounced off the post to safety. The rest of the time, the home team attacked more often, but failed to double the lead.

This was the last duel of the sixth round.

The Rigans have started this season perfectly, because in the first four dues only wins have been achieved, but only one of the games has not scored at least four goals. “Ventspils” was defeated in the first duel with 1: 0, “Valmiera” (4: 0) and Jūrmala “Spartaks” (4: 1) were defeated, but in the last match “Liepāja” was defeated with 5: 2. “Jelgava” has achieved two successes in four games, beating “Tukums 2000” / TSS 2: 1 and “Daugavpils” 1: 0. The last two games “dry” – 0: 1 against “Metta” and 0: 3 against the champion “Riga”.

After five rounds, the undisputed leader of the RFS attack with five goals is Emerson Santana Deuslesian, who is also the best goal scorer of the whole championship. Jelgavnieki have scored only three goals so far, so a “bombarder” is still being sought in the team.

Last season, the two clubs met five times, the last of which was in the final of the Latvian Cup, where the football players of the capital were 3: 2 superior. In the Premier League championship, RFS won in two games (2: 1 and 2: 0), but two more duels ended in a draw – 1: 1 and 0: 0.

On Friday, in the fifth round, “Metta” won “Tukums 2000” / TSS with the guests 3: 1, but “Valmiera” pulled a draw 2: 2 against “Spartak” of Jurmala. Meanwhile, on Saturday in the Kurzeme derby, “Ventspils” beat “Liepāja” at home with 2: 1 (1: 0), while “Riga” beat “Daugavpils” with 3: 1 (3: 0) in their field.

The first sixth round matches are scheduled for July 7.

It has already been reported that the Board of the Latvian Football Federation (LFF), taking into account the current situation in the territory of Latvia in connection with the restriction of Covid-19, has decided to lift the restriction on spectators to be in the stands of domestic football competitions as of July 1. From Friday, the presence of spectators will be allowed in the Super League and other competitions organized by LFF, making the relevant amendments to the sanitary protocol of competitions organized by LFF.


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