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There are a lot of mobile phone protective case accessories in the market. If you want to stand out among them, in addition to the unique functionality and design, it is also a tried-and-true practice to launch a joint style with a well-known IP. Taiwan’s well-known mobile phone accessories brand Rhino Shield announced the launch of a series of “Attack on Titan” co-branded merchandise, including 20 shatter-resistant phone case designs and 5 AirPods cases.

Rhino Shield pointed out that the design style of the “Attack on Titan” co-branded series of mobile phone cases is loyal to the animation, covering various classic pictures and characters from the second season to the final chapter, the classic character series with high popularity, and the investigation of the Legion in different stages. The series, as well as the soul of the entire anime – the hyper-realistic giant series presents the momentum of rushing out of a mobile phone case, with bright colors and images, which remind people of the famous scene when the giant first appeared.

Rhino Shield launches

In addition to the dramatic design drawings, relatively low-key fans can also choose a simple logo series, so that the representative logos of each legion can evoke your surging blood to save the world. The joint launch of the AirPods protective case allows you to collect a complete set. The rare Q version design shows the different faces of the classic characters.

Rhino Shield launches

The joint series launched by Rhino Shield and “Attack on Titan” this time includes the popular RhinoShield SolidSuit one-piece drop-resistant mobile phone case, and the Mod NX series of modular design, whether it is for consumption using Android or iOS systems Anyone can find suitable styles to satisfy the collection desire of anime fans.

iPhone12 and above also support Clear transparent phone case printing, with a high-standard yellowing design and a five-year warranty service. In addition to the military-standard drop-proof level, you can freely match buttons, lens frames and lanyards in a variety of colors. , not only make mobile phone choices more diverse, but also take into account the different needs of consumers.

Rhino Shield launches

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