Ribó advocates a “partial confinement” of Valencia and asks that measures be taken “that municipalities cannot”

Ribó advocates a

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Ribó advocates a

The mayor of València, Joan Ribó, has been in favor, to stop the escalation of Covid infections, of a “partial confinement” in which “people can go to work or go to school”, but there are no alternatives such as going to large shopping centers or “centers where people gather and to eat or drink something the mask is not used.”

This is what the mayor has expressed in statements to Europa Press Television, in which he has once again insisted on the petition launched this Tuesday for citizens to do voluntary self-confinement “to the best of their ability.” “Self-confinement depends on each one, but it is a call to tell the population that everything they can do to reduce the level of relationship must be done for the benefit, first of all, their own; secondly, their family and friends and thirdly place of the whole society “, has declared.

This call is a consequence, Ribó has reflected, of “very bad data”, both in the Valencian Community and in the city of Valencia. “It is very important that we are aware that everyone has to contribute what they can to stop this pandemic, which is at a peak,” he asserted.

In this sense, he has warned that the numbers in the capital of Turia are “very worrying” and “alarming”, both due to the accumulated incidence and the hospital pressure that has made the Generalitat consider the use of field hospitals, and he has urged “the authorities to take the necessary measures that the municipalities cannot take.”

Asked if he advocates applying tougher restrictions, Ribó commented that “it is a decision that the Generalitat must take”, but added that, “on a personal level”, he believes that the moment is propitious to “take more restrictions”.

Ribó advocates a “partial confinement” and asks that measures be taken “that the municipalities cannot”

“It is not a good time to balance the economy and health. The authorities, even at the international level, consider that the economy can improve more with a hard restriction at a certain time than trying to temporize both,” he argued.

He has pointed out that his idea is not a new “home confinement in the strict sense, because there are a series of tasks that must be maintained.” He has referred here to the “controversy of education”: “children are surely safer at school than many times at home.”

In addition, he maintains that “there are economic tasks that must be carried out”, but also “others that clearly must be eliminated.” “To put it in a very graphic way, – he has specified – all those centers where people meet and, to drink or drink something, the masks are not used. On that subject, it would be necessary to be very drastic.”

It would be, therefore, “a partial confinement in which people could go out to work and to school but when they finished their tasks they would return to their homes without other important alternatives and avoiding large shopping centers and concentrations”. Finally, he pointed out that the Valencia City Council is acting to reduce contact, in this case of a work-related nature, with measures such as holding meetings by videoconference or promoting teleworking.

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