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Ricardo Mendoza, one of the hosts of ‘Hablando Huevadas’, clarified that he did not cheat on his girlfriend, after spreading the images of a report by “Magaly TV: La Firme”. In the preview of the show, a young man accuses Mendoza of meddling in his relationship and cheating on his girlfriend.

MIRA: Scandal! They accuse Ricardo Mendoza of cheating on his girlfriend and getting into a relationship

According to the advance, Ricardo Mendoza would have been unfaithful to his girlfriend with another lady. A young man, who claims to be the woman’s boyfriend, accuses the actor of meddling in her relationship. “Who got into your relationship?” the journalist asks the young man. Immediately afterwards, the young man replies: “Ricardo Mendoza, the one from ‘Hablando huevadas’. He conditions them to be with him for money.”

However, the actor has published a statement on his Instagram stories, in which he denies that he has been unfaithful, because, according to him, he is in an open relationship.

“Meaning of an open relationship: It is a non-monogamous relationship, where both parties consider having relationships outside the couple, without considering this as infidelity. My partner and I have been in an open relationship for more than 2 years, and with that we are fine, but it is something that they will not understand… I still recommend it ”, can be read in the ad.


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