Ricardo Montaner reacts to the fall of Evaluna, who is six months pregnant

Evaluate Montaner

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“Today I fell and Camilo takes care of me,” he said Evaluate Montaner on your Instagram account. Ricardo Montaner’s youngest daughter is already six months pregnant, which is why it is important that she be very careful, because any accident could be serious. This time we tell her knowing that both she and Indigo are fine.

Yes, there was blood almost at knee height, but it seems that this was not a major one. Camilo, as expected, is watching and taking care of her.

He also reacted to the video of his daughter Ricardo Montaner, who only wrote “Evaluna”. Many have taken it as an exclamation of warning and fear on the part of dad. Many began to tell the young mom: “He’s going to scold you.” “I feel like he’s scolding her,” someone else added. “Evaluna was worth it,” commented another.

Everyone understands that Ricardo Montaner is worried about his daughter, but they do not fail to mention that without him saying anything, his writing sounds like a wake-up call. “That tone of hers sounds like my mom when she gets mad -and- calls me by my two names.” But of course, everything comes from love: “This sounds like a reprimand with a lot of love.”

Natti Natasha, Carolina Sandoval, Guaynaa are just some of the celebrities who have reacted to this news. Vida Isabelle’s mother left these words to Evaluna: “May you get better soon. Take care”.

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