Ricardo Montaner sued a psychologist who criticized him for kissing his son on the mouth

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In the last hours it transpired that the psychologist Flor Rodríguez assured that Ricardo Montaner he sued her after she exhibited him with a photo where he kissed one of his children on the mouth and mention that from the point of view of psychology this is not correct.

It should be noted that said publication was made in January in Twitter but the psychologist thought that her comment would not go too far, but it seems that this reached the singer, it was then that Ricardo Montaner came out in defense of the way he shows affection to his children and He answered bluntly to the psychologist, to whom he recommended to have a life and a family.

Seek urgent psychological help. He also looks for a partner and has children, builds a family … after all, you psychoanalyze me again, ”replied the famous one.

And although everyone would think that everything had been left there, the Sale el Sol program detailed that the psychologist made a live broadcast where she analyzed Ricardo Montaner and his family.

This undoubtedly upset the singer, who months later allegedly He decided to file a lawsuit against her. Flor Rodríguez shared a video in which she shows the complaint in which the singer claims she sued her for damages.

“As you know, I am facing a lawsuit for damages for using a public photo and giving my professional look on social networks, with the aim of psycho-educating and preventing issues of Mental health: family dynamics, bonds, limits, abuse and violence”. In the description of the video, the psychologist thanked all her followers who have shown her support. “Thanks to everyone who is accompanying me and helping to spread the word. We know that there is an evident inequality and the objective is that POWER does not continue to cross limits”.

Here you can see the video of the statements of the psychologist Flor Rodríguez

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