Rich Colombians send businesses abroad for fear of possible Petro taxes

In the economic field, they highlight the senator’s proposals, among which stand out end new oil exploration and open pit mining, but beyond that, remove the pensions and increase taxes and public spending.

Just such initiatives annotate the portalhas the alarms on in what he called “the ‘establishment’ of Colombia”, which, he assures, sees Petro too radical.

Thus, the Financial Times points out that the richest families in the country would be the main targets of the tax reforms of Gustavo Petro, “with the imposition of taxes on company dividends”.

Precisely, the radicalism cited by the specialized media would cause a massive outflow of capital, given the distrust that the leader of the Historical Pact arouses among the productive sectors.

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“A ‘Petro clause’ has been included in some commercial and property contracts signed this year, […] which allows the parties to cancel the agreement if the former guerrilla comes to power”, notes the portal.

But not only that, as the Financial notes that wealth managers said that “rich Colombians are trying to move assets abroad to escape possible new taxes”.

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