Rich people report things they think are normal – but are not

Rich people report things they think are normal – but are not

Wealthy people are often unaware of their privileges

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Those who have a lot of money at their disposal often fail to see that others do not have certain options. On Reddit, some people shared how they noticed this.

It is important to think about your privileges every now and then: after all, most people in the world are not doing as well as we are. And within Germany and other western countries there are also big differences in terms of living standards and wealth. Many people who do not have to worry financially find it difficult to imagine what the life of economically disadvantaged people will be like.

So it happens that many see their lifestyle as completely normal – without realizing how privileged they actually are. On Reddit someone wanted to know from users who grew up rich: “What did you think was normal?” What was meant was: something that is actually not normal for most other people.

Reddit thread: Not everyone has housekeeping?

Of course, the answers were mainly about material aspects. “When I broke something, they just joked about how clumsy I am and it was replaced immediately. I had so many cell phones, computers and cameras that I couldn’t even count them,” says one user. Another reports that he couldn’t understand why guests were always so excited that his family had a pool. Pocket money was also quite normal for a user who grew up in a rich family: “We got $ 20 a week. I thought that would be the case for everyone.”

Having your own staff is a sign that it is a household from an upper income bracket. “We had housekeeping. I didn’t know that everyone else didn’t have any,” someone says. Another user who grew up with domestic staff also knows the disadvantages: “They’re so annoying. You can never just be at home alone.”

“I thought families who cook and eat at home only existed on TV”

Vacation is another status symbol – but for many it is a matter of course. For example, most families cannot afford a ski vacation, at least not every year. But there are still increases: “I didn’t know that it was not normal to drive to the airport in a stretch limo like my family,” wrote someone.

And the differences are also evident when it comes to eating. Where some have to look at the money, others have a wide choice. A sign of wealth for him was always having different types of cheese in the fridge, reports one user – when he moved out, he was amazed how expensive cheese was. “We ate out every day,” says another: “I always thought that families who cook and eat at home only exist on TV.”

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