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JAKARTA,– Doctor Richard Lee often shares education about beauty products on his personal YouTube channel.

On his YouTube channel, Richard often reviews and recommends which beauty products are good for skin.

However, Richard also did not hesitate to expose any beauty products he considered dangerous.

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Unfortunately, Richard’s content, which often exposes dangerous beauty products, reaps pros and cons.

There are those who consider this content to be very useful for society, especially women, so they don’t choose the wrong beauty product.

However, many also think that Richard is a destroyer of people’s business and even the content he presents is often referred to as social climbing (pansos).

Several times Richard was also reported to the police because of the content he made. He is often referred to as the spreader of hoaxes to slander because of his content.

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Finally, he argued with Kartika Putri because the care product that Richard called dangerous had actually been endorsed by Kartika Putri.

So how does Richard respond to other people’s questions about him?

YouTube Boy William Doctor Richard Lee (right) chats with host Boy William.

No problem being called someone else’s business destroyer

Richard is very consistent in giving advice to women not to use beauty products with harmful ingredients.

He admitted that he did not mind being called a destroyer of other people’s businesses when he exposed the dangerous ingredients of a number of products.

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“Yes, it’s okay (they can be said to be a business destroyer) if the product is fake compared to destroying people’s faces, he has committed a crime,” said Richard, as quoted by on the YouTube channel. Boy William, Tuesday (19/1/2021).

If you don’t want to be called fake beauty products, then he advises the business actor to fix it.

Confirm laboratory tests

Richard ensured that what he had been educating the public about these beauty products had gone through laboratory tests. Whether it’s a product that is harmful to the skin or good for the skin.

“We want to talk about fake things using evidence, using laboratory results, not just accusations, not for sensation, not to slander people,” said Richard.

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His wish is to educate many people

It doesn’t even matter if people think that the content he creates is only for social assistance or seeking popularity.

Because his desire as a doctor is only to educate the public and protect them not to use dangerous products.

“Yes, it’s okay, it’s up to them what they think. But in my heart, I think it’s the best education,” said Richard.

Richard said, the more he was known to many people because of his education, the more problems he had to face.

Therefore, he is now starting to try to learn how to deal with this problem.

“The taller you are, Boy, there must be a problem, there’s no way you can avoid one problem, if you want to avoid one problem one. There must be another problem, and the higher the problem the bigger. That’s why just learning to fly,” said Richard.


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