Richest families in the world control a fortune of 621 thousand million

According to a study prepared by the firm Buy Shares, which warns about the inequalities that the system is creating in the United States and other “large global economies, lhe five richest families in the world control a cumulative fortune of 621 billion euros.

As of October 2020, this analysis placed the Walton family, owner of Walmart – the largest supermarket network in the United States, at the top of their list with a fortune of 215 billion dollars (181 thousand 697 million euros).

They are followed by the Mars family, owner of 120 billion dollars (101,401 euros) thanks to its food empire, in which the famous chocolate bars stand out, and la familia Kochby Industrias Koch, which reaches third place with 109,100 million dollars (92,679 million euros).

Behind are the Al Saud family, whose large oil reserves have generated a fortune of 95 billion dollars (80,261 million euros), and India’s Ambani, from the Reliance conglomerate, with 81,300 million dollars (68,694 million euros).

The study of the New Zealand firm Buy Shares He recalled that “when the focus is placed on the richest” of the planet, “the growing inequalities” suffered by most of the “great global economies” are also detected.

“According to some critics, inequalities exist because there are regimes that allow market dominance and low taxation of capital, especially in the United States,” the firm said in a statement.

For other observers, the note noted, this “great wealth” shows that it is “necessary to fix capitalism”, since, in “some jurisdictions”, this issue has become a “explosive political affair“.

Richest men in the world

This analysis also confirmed the American Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, as the richest person in the world, with a fortune of 188 thousand 700 million dollars (159 thousand 445 million euros), followed by the French Bernard Arnault, president of the conglomerate of luxury brands LVMH, with 119 thousand 200 million dollars (100 thousand 720 million euros).

The other positions are occupied by the creator of Microsoft, Bill Gates, with 115 thousand 200 million dollars (97 thousand 341 million euros); the one on Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, with 101,800 million dollars (86,025 million euros); and the CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk, with 93 billion dollars (78 thousand 588 million euros).



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