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Ricky Strauss (Disney +): “Disney will strive to fill its quotas for French content”


Posted on Apr 6, 2020, 11:54 a.m.

Disney + arrives in France with an offer dedicated to the family. Will you position yourself as a second service compared to a larger catalog Netflix?

No. We really put the focus on quality over quantity with high-end content from our Disney, Marvel, Pixar, Fox, National Georgraphic or Star Wars brands. And even if we are positioned on family entertainment, Disney + is not just a service for children, it is aimed at young and old women and men. It will be the only place to see all our films released in theaters and those specifically programmed for the platform. Same thing for our original series.

Are you going to make group offers with Hulu, a service more aimed at adults, if it is launched abroad?

We are already making group offers in the United States with Disney +, Hulu, intended for a more general audience, and ESPN, our sport offer. Internationally, the focus is for now on Disney +. In any case, the idea of ​​making a group offer here with Disney + and Starz [ un service au public très féminin qui vient de lancer en France , NDLR] is not considered. It was a marketing opportunity in the United States.

Is your Disney content enough to make a complete offer?

There are around 500 films available from day one and 10,000 hours of episode content. From the start there will be 7 films made just for the platform as well as 12 series. We plan to release 5 to 8 original films for the platform per year as well as a series every two weeks. We must add the films released in theaters that will land first on Canal + and then at home. We don’t need to buy from other producers, except for local content.

Precisely on local content, you have European obligations. How do you plan to go about it?

Walt Disney and his company have always been fans of France, as shown by films like “Les Aristochats” or “Ratatouille”. When the details of the quotas to be implemented by the European Union are known, we will do everything to comply. We already have a catalog made in France. One of the biggest successes of Disney Channel in Europe at the moment is “Miraculous”, a French production.

We also have French content in development at home that appeal to French and European producers and that we will make public when they have obtained a final green light for their shooting. The idea is not to make as many French productions as Netflix because we play quality more than quantity. But we want to create optimistic, positive and people-oriented content. Producers will also be able to rely on Disney’s intellectual property. If this content produced in France can travel anywhere in the world, that would be ideal.

Despite its current closure, will you be relying on Disneyland Paris for your launch?

Yes, we have planned a robust marketing campaign for our launch, including with Canal + [distributeur exclusif, NDLR] . Thanks to Disneyland Paris, we have a good knowledge of our audiences, we will work with it.


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