Ridiculous reactions to Deeney’s decision: ‘Hope your son gets corona’

Watford captain Troy Deeney has had a lot to choose from after saying he will not train for the time being. He cared about the health of his five-year-old son. The responses don’t lie.

Deeney publicly expressed doubts about the Premier League restart and soon announced that he would not be returning to the training ground. His five-month-old son was born prematurely and has breathing problems. “I saw some reactions about my son: I hope your son gets the corona virus“Deeney tells CNN Sport.” That’s the hard part for me. When you respond to that, people think: we’ve got him. Then they continue. “

Deeney understands that other players don’t dare to tell their story. “We live in a time when it’s often about mental health and everyone has to speak up. Danny Rose and I did that and we were completely done with it.”

But Deeney also gets positive reactions. “Sometimes from people I didn’t even know they had my number, but well. That also says something. Players from big clubs also support me. That indicates that I’m doing something right. I’m only little Troy from Watford, but people do listen to what I say. “

In his own words, he is not at all against the restart of the competition. “For me it is purely for private reasons. I wanted more questions answered by people with authority and at the beginning that was not possible. Not that people did not want or tried, but because the information was not there yet. I think everyone can appreciate what the Premier League is trying to do now. It is not that critical players drop out immediately. “

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