Right vigilantes: Government sees terror potential

Right vigilantes

According to the Ministry of the Interior, right-wing vigilantes pose a significant threat. The aim of the groupings is to intimidate opponents.

People in uniform in a shopping mall

"Wotan's heirs" are patrolling Munich. The group is being watched by the constitution protection Photo: Sachelle Babbar / picture alliance

BERLIN epd | According to a media report, the Federal Government sees self-proclaimed vigilantes as "approaches to right-wing terrorist potential". The so-called "Bürgerwehren" have been the subject of a joint anti-terrorist center of the security authorities eight times in the past two years, wrote the "Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung" in the Monday edition citing the Interior Ministry. The basis was the ministry's response to a request from the Left Group.

The transition from the vigilante "to an arbitrary advocacy of security and order away from the state monopoly on power or even to a violent action" is fluent, the ministry was quoted. In almost all federal states existed meanwhile appropriate groups. There were no details about the membership numbers of the citizen movements or participants in patrols.

The right-wing extremists pretend that the state is unable to guarantee security and order. Therefore, they would have to take over this task, it was said. According to the federal government, however, the extremists pursue a different goal: "Rather, strangers or political opponents should be purposefully intimidated by the presence of right-wing extremist vigilantes on the ground." Right-wing extremists like the NPD or "Die Rechte" are also involved.

Left-wing MP Ulla Jelpke urged security agencies to crack down on self-proclaimed vigilantes. "It is unacceptable that the public presence of such thugs causes fear zones for dissenters or migrants," she told the newspaper.


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