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Rigoberto Urán hired a farmer who a year ago kept him in training

Rigoberto Urán returned to have an act of generosity with Don Iván, the peasant who in June of last year was able to keep up with the professional cyclist when he trained on the roads of Antioquia on his time trial bike. That particular situation was recorded on video by the country and attracted the attention of more than a million of its followers.

Days after that meeting on the road, the popular ‘Rigo’ invited Iván to one of his stores in Antioquia to give him a professional bicycle and a uniform of his brand, at the same time that he invited him to they will face in a simulator.

A year and a half after that very particular exchange they had, Urán remembered Don Iván again, now to help him considerably in his professional life. ‘Rigo’ hired the floriculturist to be part of the new business that he inaugurated a few weeks ago: ‘La finca de Rigo’.

The establishment is located in Antioquia and is a complex that combines different experiences that customers can enjoy. In ‘La finca de Rigo’ visitors can find a restaurant, a cafe, a branch of the cyclist’s ‘Go Rigo Go’ shops, a BMX track, among other things. Urán considered that Don Iván was capable of being one of the employees who could keep his business impeccable and that is why he hired him.

The cyclist shared the news this Monday, through a video that he shared on his social networks. Urán recorded the moment in which Iván signed his contract as an employee of ‘La finca de Rigo’ and he interacted with him in the funny way that characterizes him so much.

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“I am going to show you the new hiring of our team, of my company. Ivancho. Do you remember Ivancho? The one who followed me on the bicycle, who was walking like a child…, because from today on he will be in our company. For how many years do you want to sign this contract, brother? ”Said ‘Rigo’ in the first part of the video.

The farmer was very happy to be hired and replied to the athlete that, If it were up to him, he would like his contract with ‘La finca de Rigo’ to be for life.

What was done by Urán was widely praised by his followers, who told him in the comments of the publication that he was doing very well when hiring a humble person like Don Iván. This is the video with which the paisa shared the news:


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