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Rihanna, heroine of independent Barbados

Already a singer, designer, businesswoman and actress, Rihanna can now add a title to her curriculum vitae: national heroine of Barbados. She received the honor earlier this week in a ceremony where the island officially proclaimed itself a republic.

“I have traveled all over the world where I have received many awards and distinctions; but nothing compares to this recognition of my native land ”, announced Rihanna during the ceremony.

Already independent from the United Kingdom since 1966, Barbados celebrated its transition to republican rule after some four centuries of subjection to the British sovereign.

The ceremony took place in the presence of Prince Charles who recognized “the appalling atrocity of slavery” from which the island suffered during British colonization.

The event was not open to the public, but the pandemic-related curfew has been suspended so residents can enjoy the festivities.


The interpreter of Diamonds thus becomes the first artist to receive this honorary title. Her name is added to a list so far made up of activists, athletes and politicians who, like the singer, have had a positive impact on Barbados’ influence both locally and internationally.

“Barbadians are proud people. We are probably the proudest people I know. No matter where in the world I go, I carry this pride with me. I am proud to be Bajana. And I will be until the day I die, ”said Rihanna, receiving this medal from the hands of the new president Sandra Mason.

The latter has also insisted on the way in which the singer has used her platform since the very beginnings of her young career. Rihanna first appeared on the charts in 2005 thanks to the song Pon de Replay. She then built her empire with titles Umbrella, S&M, Don’t Stop the Music and others Shut Up and Drive.

Equity and diversity

“In no time she captivated the world with her unique performances and her hits […] while using its resources and influence to promote equity, tolerance, diversity, respect and responsibility, ”said Sandra Mason.

A large portion of Rihanna’s fortune, estimated at $ 1.7 billion according to the magazine Forbes, comes from its make-up brand, Fenty Beauty, created in partnership with the French luxury giant LVMH.

And despite the fact that she hasn’t released an album since 2016, the singer remains a huge influence online, with over 100 million followers on Instagram and Twitter.

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