Rihanna publishes a topless photo with a Hindu symbol and ‘roars’ the Network

In an image posted on Instagram, the singer wears a pendant representing a Hindu deity, which has sparked a wave of criticism.

An Instagram post by popular singer Rihanna, appearing topless Wearing a pendant representing the Hindu god Ganesha, she has been condemned by numerous users, who accuse her of cultural misappropriation. The barrage of criticism came after a follower noticed the accessory and asked: “why is he wearing a Hindu idol in a half-naked photo?”

“Rihanna, wearing an Indian deity is not a fashion, it is not a trend,” wrote another user. “You wear a necklace of a deity and a Murthi (image of a deity) from my culture of which they have already quite culturally appropriated in recent years, “protested another user, who received thousands of ‘likes’.

Amid the crossing of comments of approval and admiration, another user criticizes the apparent lack of interest of the singer for “at least discover the meaning and meaning of the chains and the pendant around his neck. “Photography has also elicited more laconic critical responses, such as one that reads:” My religion is not your aesthetics. “

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“It’s appalling to see Rihanna shamefully mocking our beloved Hindu god Ganesha”, tweeted a state legislator from the nationalist party led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. “This makes it clear that he has no no idea or respect for indian culture, by tradition and our problems here, “he added.

Rihanna has yet to come to terms with these criticisms. The singer wrote a caption that completely tiptoes over religious issues: “When @popcaanmusic said: ‘I don’t want you to wear lingerie tonight, my girl. ‘”

It is not the first time that Rihanna has been accused of cultural appropriation. Thus, in 2019 singer received many disapproving comments, after he posed in the cover of Harper’s Bazaar China wearing a blue dress that imitated some canons of oriental dress. Inside, the magazine immortalized the pop diva in various styles, with references to Chinese culture, such as fans in her hair, a manicure with lotus flowers and dragonflies, as well as a dog of a Chinese breed by her side.

Earlier this month, protesters burned several rihanna images during a protest in New Delhi, the capital of India, after the singer tweeted a CNN article on internet blocking in India in the midst of protests from farmers, and wondering: “Why don’t we talk about it?”

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