Rihards Lībietis Orchestra publishes new composition “Driftwood Island”

The group “Rihards Lībietis Orchestra” has released the second single “Driftwood Island” and its video from the upcoming album “Willful Blindness” (deliberate blindness). The author of the composition is Rihards Lībietis, it was created last spring during the first self-isolation. According to the group’s manager Daiga Bināne, “Driftwood Island” tells about the path, flow and time course, but not in the obvious sense – like trees washed up by the sea, whose journey has been full of wide and unimaginable twists and turns.

“I have a very strong sense of foundation and introspection in this work. What is around it is flowing, changing, unpredictable, and it is very important not to lose your roots and self-confidence in change. Although at the beginning, when writing this piece, it was deliberately not intended, it can be heard in the current disturbing world, ”reveals Rihards Lībietis.

The video for “Driftwood Island” was filmed by the sea on a really winter’s day and reveals the strong and deeply moving emotions included in the composition. The director and cinematographer of the video is Laima Jaunā.

“Rihards Lībietis Orchestra” is a quintet that performs instrumental and dynamic world music, combining influences from African, Middle Eastern and Latvian folk music, inspired by the sound of blues and jazz. The group consists of Rihards Lībietis (guitars), Gints Smukais (guitars), Jānis Polis (bass), Erna Daugaviete (cello) and Matīss Repsis (percussion).


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