Rimi and brother are on the gold plate; Shocked by the bill; Video | Food | Entertainment News

Rimi Tommy is a favorite of Malayalees as a singer and presenter. Rimi and her brother Rink shared an interesting video of them going out to eat. The visit is to a hotel in Maharashtra.

The highlight of the video is eating on a gold plate. In the video you can see Rimi Tommy tasting each of the various dishes served on the elaborate gold plate. The name and specifications of each dish are also described to the singing audience.

Rimi says she was surprised to see Bill after the meal and that the two of them ate a sumptuous meal together but only a very small amount. The food bill is also shown to the Rimi audience.

Rimi Tommy shared the video with the caption ‘A meal on a gold plate’. The video, which has already been viewed by many, has been trending with great acclaim. Many in the audience have already shared the video.


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