Rio broke the road at kilometer 2.1 between Salamina and El Piñón

Invías Plan

Once the bad news in Salamina was known, the National Government paid the pertinent attention by transferring the necessary operational personnel to the area, while the Magdalena Government mobilized the director of the Risk Management and Climate Change Office, Ogricc, Jaime Avendaño .

The technical director of INVIAS, Guillermo Toro, commented that from the moment the bank was lost due to undermining, the staff was transferred, defining an action plan to restore safe trafficability on this road corridor as quickly as possible.

Consequently, the movement of the axis of the road began, approximately 10 meters, so that a safe reel can be executed while shore protection works are carried out in that critical site.

In addition, communication was established with the owner of the property, doctor William Orozco, who agreed to dispose of part of his property to carry out the relocation of the road, seeking the least possible damage.

“Communication was established with the Governor’s infrastructure secretary so that he once again sends machinery (retro, motor grader) to the site and thus, together with INVIAS, move forward with relocation activities more quickly,” Avendaño said.

He added that “with our contractor with an exhaustible amount, earthworks activities for the new highway are started. It is estimated that in a maximum of one week we will be able to restore the safe transit of freight vehicles on this road ”, he specified.

He also explained that “improvement work began so that light vehicles and motorcycles can be mobilized and thereby partially recover connectivity.”

For the merchants José Luis Orozco Pérez and Carmen Orozco, residents of El Piñón, Magdalena, the rupture of the road that leads to Salamina, at kilometer 2.1, is a very strong blow to their economy, already decimated by the pandemic.

This Sunday they had to ‘juggle’ to continue the motorcycle route that would lead them to Salamina and nearby trails, where they would distribute the products and merchandise from which they derive their livelihood.

José Luis, 22, who sells yogurts and soft drinks in Salamina, said that “things are ugly. As is the situation, if there are no corrective measures, this will become a catastrophe, both due to the effects of nature and its impact on our activity ”, he noted.

Carmen, her companion, distributes sheets, towels, blankets and clothes in Salamina, El Paso, Campo Alegre, Los Patos and La Lomita. “This road almost leaves us and if this happens I do not dare to imagine what will happen,” he said.

The architect and citizen overseer Ricardo Méndez pointed out that “to fix the issue of coastal scouring, the land must be strengthened or stabilized with the geobags on the margin of Dr. Willian Orozco’s estate.”

“With these bags filtration is avoided and parallel to this other bags are placed in the river as a dam, while the table is continued in 6-inch pipe as contemplated in the contract,” he noted.


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