Rio de Janeiro wants to become the “hub” of digital nomads in South America

The mayor of Rio calls for the creation of a specific visa for long stays and announces a series of measures to attract the new public of digital nomads.

Do everything to attract foreign visitors likely to settle for several months or even years: this is the objective set by Eduardo Paes, the mayor of Rio de Janeiro, report it News diary ABC. We are at XXIe century and the way of living and working has undergone significant changes ”, explained the city council by presenting the brand new website managed by Riotur, the tourist branch of the municipality.

Rio’s weak points: safety and vaccination rate

For the moment, the site is content to list 56 hotels, 14 inns and 18 coworking spaces. Establishments offering special digital nomads and long-stay packages will be awarded the “Rio Digital Nomads” label, awarded (free of charge) by Riotur.

The mayor, who is planning a series of investments to improve the city’s infrastructure, has asked the Conselho Nacional de Imigração (the National Immigration Council) to create a specific visa for this type of visitors, at the like those already offered by Norway, Germany, Portugal or the United Arab Emirates.

For now, Rio is at the 54e place in the Work from Anywhere ranking offered by the Nestpick housing rental platform. The Nestpick study, which covers seventy-five metropolises spread over five continents, is based on three main categories of criteria: costs and infrastructure, current legislation and freedoms, and livability. According to this ranking, Rio has undeniable advantages, in particular the cost of housing, but suffers from its safety score and a low vaccination rate against Covid-19.


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