Riot Games attaches great importance to Asia-Pacific development, adjusts publishing business Japan, India and Southeast Asia to integrate into Asia-Pacific team “League of Legends”

Riot Games attaches great importance to the development potential of mobile games in the Asia-Pacific region and this region, and announced an organizational adjustment for the Asian region, not only expanding its publishing business to the Japanese and Indian markets, but also integrating the Southeast Asia (SEA) region, Japan, and India into Asia-Pacific (APAC) Region, with Alex Kraynov, the former Managing Director of Emerging Markets (Southeast Asia, India, Latin America, Brazil, Middle East, North Africa and Japan) as the new Managing Director of Asia Pacific, responsible for leading the development of the business in the Asia Pacific region.

Riot Games originally operated from a central office in Singapore, operating in Southeast Asia, and also has offices in Japan. Now Riot will set up new publishing departments in the Philippines, India, Indonesia/Malaysia and Thailand. Riot Games held an online press conference today and announced future plans to the media in Taiwan, Japan, Southeast Asia and other places. Alex Kraynov emphasized that Riot will move towards a new business model of multi-angle operation in the future, including games, video, e-sports and distribution. The company’s business focus.

Alex Kraynov revealed Riot’s plans for the next five years at the press conference, including the desire to dominate in various types of games, unlimited fans, cultivating the ability to create and innovate, innovating player viewing experience and developing games around the world, and they started The Asia-Pacific office allows them to focus more on the Asia-Pacific market. The Asia-Pacific region has rich market potential. Riot also believes that the Asia-Pacific region has the potential to become their largest regional market. Players in this region have their own characteristics, very complex and diverse. Ethnic populations have diverse needs and are very keen on mobile gaming.

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He pointed out that over the past few years, Riot’s Singapore and Japan offices have worked hard to release several new titles, as well as create many new eSports events to satisfy players’ appetites. Through this organizational adjustment, Riot can better understand local cultures and players’ needs, and can provide better services to players, and hopes to continue to work hard to become the most player-oriented game company in the world.

Riot’s organizational adjustment has integrated Japan and India into the Southeast Asia (SEA) region and become the Asia Pacific (APAC) organization. The press conference also disclosed that the Asia Pacific organization includes Singapore headquarters, Japan, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam. with Taiwan.

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Riot pointed out that since Riot reopened its Singapore headquarters for Southeast Asia in 2018, Riot has significantly expanded its workforce in the region, and now plans to double its recruitment in the distribution department. Through this expansion of the company’s organization, Riot has set up new offices in various places, and has appointed regional managers in important markets such as the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and India to carry out the distribution business together with the Japan office. The distribution department expanded to 80 people. Key divisions of the distribution business in the Asia-Pacific region are regional operations, distribution partnerships, brand marketing, growth marketing and services, business development and regional technology.

The press conference reviewed five games launched in the past two years, including “Special Warfare Hero》、《League of Legends: Fury Canyon》、《Runeterra legend“, and “The Fallen King” and “Hex Out of Order” issued by Riot Forge, etc., and also mentioned in e-sports, animation “Arcane“, and emphasized that Riot’s “League of legends“Worldview-based games have attracted more than 600 million players worldwide over the past decade.

Riot also reviewed its achievements across fields, such as expanding the business of Riot Games Music and launching the license-free “Riot” Sessions” series of albums and the virtual metal band “Kill Wushe” returned to the EP album “Lost Chapter”. Riot has developed a fashion-related business, and has launched “League of legends“Series UT. In order to echo the strategic shooting game “Special Warfare Hero” launched the first Filipino spy Nihong, and Riot launched a limited capsule series in cooperation with the Philippine urban trend brand Team Manila.

Alex Kraynov, who leads the distribution business in the Asia-Pacific region, also disclosed the management team members at the press conference:

  • Shinji Komiyama, Managing Director, Asia Pacific

  • Jennifer, Director of Distribution Cooperation, Asia Pacific Forlson

  • Alasdair Gray, Marketing Director, Asia Pacific

  • Derek Winder, Director of Business Development Asia Pacific

  • Japanese Region Management Yasushi Fujimoto

  • Joel Guzman, Country Manager, Philippines

  • Indonesia/Malaysia Country Manager Resha Pradipta

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Riot said the management team will continue to grow from 2022, with additional regional managers for Thailand and India, director of growth marketing and services, and regional technical director.

As for the online press conference, some media asked about “League of legends“, “Alliance War Chess (PC version)” future operations in Southeast Asia, Alex Kraynov said, GARENA is their good partner, the two sides in “League of legends》The cooperation has been very successful and will continue to cooperate with GARENA. Asked by the mediaLeague of Legends: Fury Canyon“In Southeast Asia, he said, “League of Legends: Fury Canyon》The company has continued to grow after its listing in Southeast Asia. They hope that through this adjustment in the Asia-Pacific region and the joint cooperation of members in the Asia-Pacific region, theLeague of Legends: Fury Canyon” potential to make this game even more successful.

Talking about the reasons for the merger of Japan and India into the Asia-Pacific region, Shinji Komiyama, managing director of the Asia-Pacific region, pointed out that Southeast Asia and even Asia have rich and complex cultures, but one thing in common is their love for mobile games, which is the same in Japan. , For Riot, the Asia-Pacific region has great potential for mobile games. With the experience of Japan, the Philippines and other places, after the organizational reorganization, it can more efficiently expand the distribution business in the Asia-Pacific region, such as India also has Great potential, the Indian market is really big, and with the foundation of the local team, they can also better understand the local players in order to achieve better results in the regional market.

The media also asked if theSpecial Warfare Hero If the development of “Mobile” goes smoothly, will players in the Asia-Pacific region be the first to play? Alasdair Gray pointed out that the current “Special Warfare Hero Mobile is still under development. Asia Pacific is a very important market for mobile games. If there are any further plans, we will give priority to sharing with players.

In addition, the media are also concerned about when the game-related physical activities in Southeast Asia will return. Riot said that they know that players like physical activities, but due to the relationship between the Covid-19 epidemic in the past two years, they will carefully evaluate before making a decision. Decide.

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